Perfect Utopia for me

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Earth is the placed that birthed us all, the place that we unintentionally killed. The way we are living now the earth will not last, life as we see it will cease to exist. The world is getting hotter, water is becoming undrinkable, food is depleting, oil/gas is becoming less and less with many things becoming more and more expensive. We humans are cutting down millions of trees that give us life, for scraps of paper that we will eventually throw away and barely recycle. The utopia I strive for, is one where no one is hungry, where there is equality for race, gender, hobbies, meat eaters, vegans. The things i want for us the people and the world, is for people to care for it more, plants trees and many other things to keep the eco system sustainable, but also that money will not be a problem for many people, and also the use of technology will lessen.

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“Perfect Utopia for me”

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The most important thing ever, is taking care of the environment. The environment is what we live on, how we eat, farm, or even uses for herbs and medicine. The environment is the main thing to a society. Without good soil or access to water we would not be able to prosper back in the 1800s or 1900s. The main thing I would want is for families or the government to care for the trash in the waters which both endanger wild life and pollute the water. Cleaning the world will make the world last longer; if we keep going down the road right now, we will all go extinct.

In my utopia people will not be hungry. The government will first fix the problem in America and have a stable living for everyone, then after will start branching out to other countries to help and vice versa. We will have a branch in the government for the homeless and hungry, to be able to put them on the right track and back on their feet. In this utopia there will be equality, either it be about race, gender, meat eaters/vegans, or even people with certain hobbies. This action will unite the people, which would make the infighting in america gone and the people together even stronger. Peace will spread through the world, not only in america.

Technology is a big thing not only in america, but everywhere else in the world. This  utopia will have a decrease of technology, specifically phones that are able to have social media and such. Phones are used to communicate with people, but these days they control peoples lives quite literally. There will be a rule where people could only use social media and such for limited hours in a day, then the next day it will reset, this will keep people from not using there phones all day and go outside and spend time with family. Technology did benefit the country, but now it is controlling the lives of the youth.

The utopia I made, was one that was suppose to fix the worlds problems, the way the world with all its people have destroyed the world we live in now. people have created groups to clean and save the earth, but with only a bucket of people are trying to save it, while the ocean of other people don’t care and are destroying the earth for profit. The greed of humans have been a problem ever since before jesus. Priest have given blessings in exchange of gold and money in the past, and even now we have monks who fly first class, with other priest taking the donations people offer to the church. Greed is the sin we were born with, and with greed we will make the world go extinct.

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