The Effect of Prohibition

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Prohibition stated that the production, transportation, or selling of alcohol was illegal. Who knew this would lead to both good and bad causes? The government made this law hoping to reduce both violence and crimes. This was not a bad idea to establish, however, what they did not know is there would be consequences.

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“The Effect of Prohibition”

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The main important part was the effects that came out of prohibition and the long-term causes that will forever be in humanity. The definition of prohibition is the action of forbidding something by law. It was considered the law of manufacture of alcohol between 1920 and 1933. The importance of the prohibition was to stop all crime. The importance of this article is to state the causes of the government making this law. This essay will also be focusing on everything around the fact that was clearly stated to the men that were abusing alcohol. Prohibition was most memorable mainly because it was an amendment in the United States Constitution. It was also the only amendment to be repealed in the constitution because of all the negative effects that came off of it.

A concern that was highly looked upon was how people were often using drugs since they did not have alcohol to make themselves feel better. This problem led to many people in worse conditions. The only bright side of prohibition was there were fewer people intoxicated. It was not illegal to drink alcohol during this time; however, the making and selling of alcohol were both illegal. Men drinking actually increased their violence, and they tended to beat their wives more.After prohibition, men were involved in less violence and did not beat their wives as much. Due to this, prohibition led to a decrease of violent crimes in metro political areas.

My first topic will address if prohibition was a success or failure. There are many ways people could go about this because in some eyes people might view it as a success, but many people could also view it as a failure. Prohibition, also known as the 18th amendment, was established to help build the economy and try to reduce crime and corruption. Prohibition led to many changes and consequences to families and citizens. There were many positive and negative effects because of prohibition, but here are a couple that might just interest you.

The result of this law shows more failures leading towards how we live now showing that it was repealed in the 21st amendment. Although people knew alcohol was not the best for their body, they still rioted and organized crimes due to prohibition. This led many drinkers to far more worse drugs such as marijuana, cocaine or even other dangerous substances that occurred during prohibition. Since people were using worse drugs, there were far worse crimes. Prohibition did not only fail but also worsened the conditions of the society that was put into this position. Prohibition still was not the answer because it did not work. Prohibition was not a terrible idea because 90% of crimes were caused by alcohol, but them banning the selling of alcohol in America did not work. The reason this did not work is that many people would illegally buy alcohol for their own benefit which was said to be a crime.

As many people think of prohibition as a success to mankind, many terrible and useless crimes came off of it. At the time it did not get rid of drinking, but whilst this was happening the black market was created. The black market is said to be a economic activity outside of thegovernment. The black market at this time always was known to cause something bad, if people were involved in it they were breaking the law or disobeying orders from the government. Some things that could be sold on the black market could be all the way from food to even cars or horses. One thing that was super weird about the black market is that you could even buy plastic surgery.

Ever since prohibition, the black market changed to a extreme extent. The homicide rate during prohibition rose tremendously as so did gang violence and anything involving gangs. This was to be considered the rise and fall of a bad generation. Prohibition created an enormous economic opportunity for a generation of young criminals. New York City, the big apple, was considered to be a high-level area of violence coming from prohibition.

There’s this story about two news reporters that said one day when they were walking around they got snatched, placed with sacks over their head tied up with rope, just for the sake to be in a gang that was caused by prohibition. The men that did this were called the Rum Runners, this was a common gang that people were apart of and afraid of. These men consisted of all types of ages, there was no set limit to how old these men had to be, as long as they believed in what the gang did. The Rum Runners were said to be known as the organized smuggling of imported whiskey, rum and other liquor by sea and overland to the United States. The years that these men took place was around the 1920s. The leader of the group Olmstead made around 200,000 dollars a month before prohibition agents got ahold of his phone and tapped it. The ending of his career in 1924 caused major confusion and wonder to the illegal group on what to do without their leader. This group was formed for the sake of giving the government a piece of there mind. Many ofthese groups showed how they responded to the prohibition in the way of creating more and worse crime when that was the exact opposite of what the government wanted.

Owney Madden was a gangster involved in plenty of crime. He was best known for the involvement of organized crimes and smuggling of drugs. This man’s nickname was the killer he got this name from kidnapping plenty of men and torturing them until they died. He was also very well known as not so much a leader but a sponsor. He would help his gang by promoting the fact that prohibition was terrible. This led to many troubles between the gang against the government. These men must have got to them because prohibition soonly got repealed in 1933. Owney Madden wasn’t the only gangster that was apart of prohibition. One man that goes by the name of Al Capone was much worse.

Chicago’s crime turned to the worse when prohibition was established. This was due to the famous man named Al Capone. He entered Chicago in the same year prohibition was born, knowing what he wanted to do. Capone was very smart and knew how to run a gang, he came from a criminal background growing up in Italy, he eventually got the nickname Scarface, for what reason, we don’t know but many people called him this. Capone arranged a organization to where he would distribute his alcohol to certain buyers, this involved secret delivery trucks to smuggle his precious items to wherever they needed to go. He was very smart with how he did this and was very secretive about it. He never listened to anybody, therefore he did things on his own and always trusted that his plan would work. Since all these things he was doing was illegal, in order to not get in trouble he would bribe the police and politics. This kept him away from allthe trouble with no evidence of anything. Due to this, he frightened many men and women because of how much power he had. Showing that he knew what he was doing and when he would do it.

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