Prohibition of Alcohol

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Islam resolved the problem of alcohol and toxic in a very good manner. Information about alcohol prevention in Islam is to be obtained only by the word of Allah in the Quran (Holy Book) and in the Hadith by the Messenger of Allah (SWT). Describe Alcohol and its effects in the Quran many times. Alcohol affects the brain and works unjustly and acts badly. It creates hatred between people, stops them from remembering God and pushes them to participate in illegal and indulge them in sexual activities. Alcohol makes a person bad, hatred and shameful. It leads to revealing secrets and exposure to mistakes. Before Islam, Arabs lived harsh lives and realized that wine was an essential way to deal with their problems. Among all the troubles that the Muslim people had before in Islam were: competition, insecurity, child abuse, abortion of girl child, treated women as slaves, children were deprived of love and all these factors forced people to drink.

Furthermore, prohibition of alcohol in Islam, because, Muslim has to pray five times in a day and has to remember God each and every time. Alcohol day by day stopping people to visit the Mosque and insist them not to follow Allah's rules and regulations. In Holly book mention several times, the person who drinks alcohol cannot pray for a month and he or she cannot touch the Quran or any other thing that has relation to Allah. For Muslims, when something is forbidden, it means that thing is harmful to everyone's health and dangerous for the community. Muslims should not encourage others to ingest any forbidden (haram) thing. Unless dealing with the alcohol trade is including in haram category. The Prophet Muhammad forbid all the works related to the alcohol industry, in which alcohol drink, serve and sell is strictly prevent the expansion of damage due to alcohol. When the Islam first introduced in Saudi Arabia the first thing the Islam did was to stop people drink alcohol. In this case, Allah (SWT) sent his many Prophets to guide Muslims and tell them the disadvantages and showed them the reality of Alcohol. According to the Islamic medical research, the effects of alcohol are a lot, the nervous system is the first part of the body that is seriously harm drinking alcohol.

Heavy drinks can cause nerve damage, in which a person feels anxiety, depression, frustration, unhappiness, muscle weaknesses, body allergies, and physical disabilities and so on. After, the nervous system alcohol directly damages the liver and increase the death rate. For all these reasons, Allah (SWT) prohibited alcohol and addressed all the human beings doesn't matter who they are and which religion they belong from should not use Alcohol because it's not only damaging our health it's also destroying our calm houses and beautiful lives. In last, The Prohibition of alcohol in Islam to prevent all Muslims and pushing them towards the religion. Quran (holy book) is the best way to spread something among the Muslims. Prophets showed them the reality of alcohol. Banned on alcohol was and now Because Muslim has to pray five times in a day and has to remember Allah and his guidelines. Many research foundations explained the disadvantages of Alcohol briefly like damage our nervous system and also effect on our liver. According to Allah (SWT), Alcohol is not only damaging our health it is the poisonous insect that slowly destroys our houses and lives.

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