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Make common sense gun control that both parties can agree on. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.

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In America the amount of gun violence is far too high. An issue with gun control is that there is not enough. One of the issues with purchasing guns is that, people with mental disabilities can purchase guns without any mental health testing and can harm their self and others. According to the CDC the number one-use for homicide and suicide is done with firearms.

Another issue with not enough gun control is that people can buy guns without a high school diploma or equivalent. People who are uneducated do not understand the importance of fire arm safety which can lead to accidental shootings and death. According to the CDC the number sixteen cause if accidental deaths is caused by firearms.

The third issue with not enough gun control is that people can 3-D print their own guns. These people can be dangerous and felons which can make their own unregistered firearm over the head off government. These guns are untraceable since they have no serial number. These guns can be used to get away with crimes. The guns can pass through metal detectors undetected.

In order to stop people with mental illnesses from purchasing guns and hurting their self and others. There should be mandatory mental health testing to see if someone is eligible to purchase a firearm. To help make sure that current gun owners still have mental health stability is to test them every two years. If the owners fail the test or refuse to take the test, they are at risk of having their guns taken away by the government.

To help stop the uneducated from accidently hurting someone or their self is to require at least a high school diploma or GED in order to purchase a firearm. Another way to help prevent accidental gun violence is to require people wanting to purchase their first gun to take gun safety classes like they require people to do for wanting to go hunting. To help prevent people from 3-D printing guns is to outlaw the ability to share files of 3-D printed guns. Another way to not completely ban the guns is to make people who make 3-D printed guns bring the guns to get registered and make them easier to track.

Everyone is going to benefit from this bill with their own safety. But for the people wanting to buy guns this will help because it will help limit the people you should not be receiving guns for obtaining them. This could also in turn help people realize the importance of gun safety and mental health, when it comes owning firearms.

This bill will go in effect on January 1st, of the next year after the bill is passed.

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