The Downfall of Human Nature

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Macbeth leads him to kill Duncan which shows how much Lady Macbeth’s opinion mattered to him even though Duncan was their relative. It’s ironic that Macbeth loves Lady Macbeth but at the same time, he didn’t control himself and his wife from killing somebody who loved them both. The contrast of being loyal to one person by listening to their suggestions and to completely murdering a loved relative who wasn’t guilty of any wrongs. ‘While night’s black agents to their preys do rouse. Thou marvel st at my words: but hold thee still;/Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill./So, prithee, go with me.’ (Act 3, Scene 2) concludes the idea of being loyal to his wife, by trying to build a good reputation at the party meanwhile completely taking Banquo out of his life and gaining more power.

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“The Downfall of Human Nature”

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Macbeth and Lady Macbeth realize that they have done wrong but tell themselves to move on. Sadly, the two character handles the situation differently since Macbeth caused a lot of horrible deaths after when Lady Macbeth committed suicide realizing how wrong she was this whole time. Shakespeare reveals that two characters who loved each other and searched for power were not on the same page and handled the relationship and country terribly. They did not find balance and since their intentions and desires were not right, they ended up being dead. The author points out that sometimes people don’t find a balance and become loyal to only certain things. Macbeth lost his good reputation and wasn’t loyal to Duncan but instead, he focused too much on what Lady Macbeth was saying. He failed to keep his opinion firm and let someone he cared about get in the way and ruin everything. Unfortunately, Macbeth was blind to the fact that Lady MacBeth’s intentions were wrong and evil. Since the beginning of the play, it is shown how she reacts to the news her husband wrote her by saying ‘The raven himself is hoarse/ That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan/ Under my battlements.

Come, you spirits/ That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here,’. This popular phrase unsex me here really sticks out, revealing that she was willing to have spiritual powers take over her and control her mind so she could become harsh and confident about her plan. Lady Macbeth is a downfall because she not only has a lack of control and understanding of what she is doing, but she also makes Macbeth consider killing a loved and well-respected king. The unbalance in a relationship leads to having Macbeth abide by his wife and create tension between them since Lady Macbeth insulted him and showed no support just to have Duncan killed.

The concept of people’s human nature being desperate for power is a very common idea. Even in modern days, teenagers tend to do silly and crazy things just for attention or more likes on social media. Human nature of people wants to feel loved and cared about, just like Lady Macbeth wanted all the control and power. But if you go back to the Jesus days, a book from a Bible states And the Philistines seized him and gouged out his eyes, and brought him down to Gaza, and bound him with bronze fetters, and the ground at the mill in the prison. (Judges 6:21) Samson let Delilah find out a secret nobody was supposed to know. His life depended on what Delilah did after she realized how Samson could be defeated since he was the strongest men in the existence. Just like Delilah, Lady Macbeth encouraged Hamlet to be a man and listen to her. Due to the decisions Hamlet made, he let his wife change his perspective and look at things with evil human eyes. Macbeth no longer had feelings and revealed a savage and harsh side of human nature when he kills innocent people. Human nature has an evil side that brings danger within. When a person crosses the line, they lose control over themselves and don’t know how to handle it. Once the person is let loose, they don’t realize how dangerous they are to themselves and others. Shakespeare chooses to have multiple characters reveal human nature and the way they handle it as well as the consequences that follow.

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