Faults in the Human Nature

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One of the faults in the human nature is when humans use their sense of judge that could either hurt them or do them good. But most of the time, humans judge other people based on their color, race, and their social status this is where most people stereotype other people. May it be that Asians are just generally bad drivers, Black people are up to no good, or that White people have no talent. Human's are naturally judgmental because people are scared that what they don't know about someone or perceive to know about someone threatens their whole being reasoning to them building their wall up in order to protect themselves from others. This essay will discuss how being judgmental got the best of the characters in the two stories that this essay will talk about.

In the story A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Connor, Bailey dealt with his mother by ignoring the fact that she didn't want to go to Florida but instead she wanted to go to Tennessee because her grandchildren have already been in Florida before but not Tennessee. Adding the fact that the Misfit is on a loose in Florida she didn't want to take the chance because she wouldn't take her children in the direction where there is a criminal on a loose (O'Connor 1). But Bailey and the children still decided to go Florida because Tennessee is just a hillbilly dumping ground (O'Connor 16). After they ate their lunch at The Tower, they decided to go to the abandoned house the grandmother insisted they go to because of the remaining treasure after convincing Bailey but they ended up in an accident where they encounter the Misfit. (O'Connor 27-70) This is where the grandmother had decided to see the good in the Misfit despite knowing that he is the criminal on the loose. She tried so hard to convince him that he is a good man, and that prayer could help them with salvation but the Misfit is nothing like she hoped him to be (O'Connor 110). He is a criminal with a long list of crimes and nothing that she says will change this man. Although there are literal crimes discussed in the story, the grandmother's action of wanting to see the good in their situation could also be seen as a crime. It is often the human nature to see the good in people because it is what human's are built for but in this situation it got the best of them causing the Misfit to kill them all (O'Connor 138). This is when the grandmother's judgment had failed her. She was hoping that her good heart will convince the Misfit to also changed his mind but the Misfit is on the loose and anyone who recognizes them puts them in a situation where they only see it fit to save themselves no matter how good the people they encounter are.

While in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown, Goodman Brown left his wife Faith assuring her that the job he was about to do was gonna be out of good will (Hawthorne 3) but he knows deep inside that it wasn't and that he just needs to get through the night and he never has to leave her side again (Hawthorne 7). Goodman Brown have mentioned that Faith kept me back awhile that could also mean two things his wife, Faith, kept him back when she was convincing him not go anymore or it could have been his religious faith holding him down because he knows that the job he is about to do will go against his faith (O'Connor 12). But Goodman saw himself in a predicament where he couldn't escape anymore. His fellow travelers kept engaging him to go deeper and deeper into the forest saying that, It's too far! My father never went into the woods on such an errand. We have been a race of honest men and good Christians (O'Connor 18). He struggled between following darkness and his faith. But it seems like the devil just keeps on sucking him deeper and deeper into the darkness where his faith is slowly going away. He had a realization where all the people he knew through his faith are not all necessarily good just because they associate themselves with the same faith they had.

And like in A Good Man is Hard to Find both the grandmother and Goodman Brown have struggled with trying to see the good in people. But Goodman Brown had this belief that just because the people he knew have associated with his faith means they are good people but he didn't realize that they are as far out into the darkness as he is now and they want to take him with them. Their judgment got the best of them wanting to see the good in these people are what put them in a predicament that they couldn't escape anymore and that is the biggest crime the grandmother and Goodman Brown have committed.

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