The Concept of Human Nature

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The article I chose that relate to the concept of human nature, is how Human nature changed from technology. The article explain how technology start in the late 20th century, he explain how the internet help us by connecting world wide information. But however it the internet share to us with Useful information it share us useless information like an information called propaganda. The reason of propaganda development to a influence and to misleading a human nature. Human nature is like the catalyst to amplify the greedy of human desire. Propaganda as a advertisers to lure and brainwash the audience he claim has develop in a rapid speed since technology had advanced causing human nature to continue influences people decisions.

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“The Concept of Human Nature”

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Technology builds a bright and straight way for advertisers to broadcast various propaganda without and restriction. From ancient time to the present, human nature seems like it has it conflicting phenomenon. The author explain how we all are victims to propaganda in Tv, messages, newspapers, televisions even those who claim they are immune to it will not be able to to all advertising techniques charm. The reason to that is cause to our human nature feature for example when we two product in time we will come to the one with newer and fancies appearance. There is one of the human nature that people will always be attract to the appearances but not the inside qualities. Which had not change since the dawn of time and will not change in the future, For advertising will always try to change the appearances of their product. The audience vs Advertiser, the winner will always be advertiser because advertiser Use technology and know human nature very well.

To conclude although most people know about propaganda we still will fall victim under it because Human nature is deep inside a human thought and Human will not like to admit being deceived by propaganda.

Summary of a TED Talk

From the Ted Talk website, I have chosen a Psychologist name Steven Pinker. He Talked about human nature and his book The Blank State. He started off by explaining that the human mind is a blank state and all of its structure come from socialization, culture, parenting, and experience. He explained that there is some reason to Doubt that Human Mind is a blank slate in Common sense, Human nature, genetics & Neuroscience. He explained how twins share the same similarities even separated after birth. His favorite two twin raise in two different household, one was raised as a catholic in a Nazi family in Germany church and the other one was raise as a Jewish family in Trinidad when they walk into the lab they are wearing identical blue shirt. Both like to keep rubber bands around their wrist, dip their butter toast in coffee and one of the weirdest thing I found is both like to sneeze in an elevator to surprise people.

The fear people believe in clean blank slate he said because Blank slate that we are equal, if some people have more than others. That would be discrimination and inequality. Another fear if we were Blank Slate we could perfect mankind through social engineering. He explains the parenting to human nature. He said most study parenting is useless because they mostly don’t control for heritability, genetically controlled studies. To conclude from his point of view I think that sciences of human nature in behavioral genetics is still a place need to be study still because the human nature is still haven’t being truly define. From the Two twin raise an absolute total different environment and still have almost the same outcome.

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