The Divisional Structure in the CWS Company

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An organizational structure is the hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communication, rights and duties within the organization. There are basically three kinds of organizational structure basically functional structure, divisional structure and matrix structure. As the manager I will be implementing the divisional structure as the new hierarchy structure of the organization because this company is dealing with three different industry so this organizational structure will be better adapted to the Complete Web Solutions (CWS) Company. This business structure will be suitable to better organize the business as the divisional structure is a type of organizational configuration that divides business in parallel segments and groups together those employees who are focusing on a specific product type, market or service according to workflow.

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“The Divisional Structure in the CWS Company”

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Advantages of Divisional Structure

  1. Every division being semi-autonomous, the manager of one division can take vital operational decisions without consulting the parent company therefore decision making is quicker and more effective.
  2. Since each division carry their activities separately, it is easier to assess the profitability of each division independently.
  3. If a problem arises, it can easily be retraced to the division accountable for it and specific measures can quickly be implemented to resolve the issue.

Application of the divisional structure in the CWS Company

Below figure 1.0 is the new divisional structure of the company:


Key: (v) =virtual Staff

Key Industry CWS will focus

There are three key industry on which the CWS Company will be focusing namely:

  1. Services

Accountancy web services which will provide metering, charging, accounting, billing, payment and auditing services to customers. In fact any work that an accountant normally does in a company.

  1. Booking Services

Air ticket booking services will provide air ticket of many aviation companies both national and international to different destination. Customer can make payment and complete necessary formalities online from the comfort of their house while the web based agency takes care of the rest.

  1. Destination Planning

Booking services will help people planning for a holiday to find the ideal destination or trip to make. Customers will have the opportunity to choose among a wide range of hotels, villas, resorts and guest houses in different countries or even book a trip to Disney land. Once the customer makes a choice the holiday booking takes in charge all the necessary arrangement for them to enjoy their holiday

Staff working in Office

From the staff working in different department of the organization those who will be working in the office are:

  • 3 Senior Officer
  • 3 Marketing Manager
  • 3 Financial officer

Staff working virtually are:

  • 3 IT technician
  • 6 Sales/support staff
  • 3 Web Developer
  • 3 Publication Officer

Job description of the staff working in office

Below is the description of the work of the staff working in the office:

  1. Senior officer

The senior officer is the highest position in the organization. He is responsible for all operational actions, legal procedure and decisions within the organization. His core work is to create tailored strategies for the organization to grow and to manage all the different department that is marketing and sales, administration and IT department exist in the accountancy, air ticket booking and holiday booking services.

  1. Marketing manager

The marketing managers are responsible to create marketing strategies that is they should devise ways to attract clients for their products and services. Their core responsibility is to study the market and identify their target or potential customers. They work in close collaboration of the senior officer and publication officer. Following are the examples:

Accountancy Web Service

Accountancy web service the marketing manager will have to identify the companies that are looking for web based accountancy services and then devise proposition to market the product.

Air Tickets Services

In the air ticket services the marketing manager will have to devise a way to make best deals at cheapest rates of air fare available to customers.

Holiday Booking Services

In the holiday booking services the manager has to search for most attractive locations to attract customers.

Financial officer

He assists in performing all tasks necessary to attain the organization’s mission and help in the implementation of staff succession and growth plans. They also assist the senior officer and marketing manager in spotting new funding opportunities, the planning of programmatic budgets, and determining cost effectiveness of prospective service. Moreover they manage all purchasing activity and payroll for staff and participants. Their core responsibility is to monitor banking activities of the organization i.e. he is a money dealer or handler.

Job description of the virtual staff

Below is the description of the work the staff working virtually:

   1. IT administrator

The IT technician is responsible for administering the IT infrastructure and catering to software or hardware, security and networking problems that the IT infrastructure may encounter in the organization. They also do computer systems maintenance. With latest technology as there is also a virtual department the IT administrator will need a centralized management system that is it is a web-based application that allows the administrator to monitor, administer and report on the systems within the IT infrastructure of the company. If there is an error somewhere whether hardware or software the system will identify exactly where the problem is if hardware the administrator will know where to go and if there is any amendment to make in the hardware of the company the administrator does not need to perform it on every computer of the company he will just have to do it in the centralized system and it will updated in all the computer in the network.

  1. Sales and support staff

They are responsible for achieving the target set by the marketing manager that is they manage the correspondence between the marketing manager and the client. They are responsible for sales promotion by doing telesales and keeping track of sales target. In this organization they will also have to do the work of a secretary that is answering calls and scheduling diaries and performing administrative tasks. They also have to provide sales data and reports to the marketing manager.

  1. Web developer

A web developer will be the one who will design and maintain the three websites. He also control the online activity on three site. Like for example:

  1. Accountancy Web Services

In the accountancy service web he will be the one doing the accountancy related jobs that the site is proposing to the customer.

  1. Air Ticket Booking Services

In the air ticket booking services he will be the one who will be taking care of the necessary procedures to be done for the clients who are booking their air ticket via the company’s website.

  1. Holiday Booking Services

In the holiday booking services he will be the one who will have to contact the location and make necessary arrangement once the customer has chosen the holiday destination.

  1. Publication officer

He works for the publishing and publication of the organization and design the brochure of the company. In fact his core responsibility will be to promote the website by doing publicity by creating brochures, business cards or advertising on billboards. For example:

  1. Accountancy Web Services

In the accountancy web services he will be the one who will be printing business cards and brochures containing the accountancy services offered for businesses.

  1. Air Ticket Booking

In the air ticket booking services he will be the one who will create and print brochures when there will be great deals available.

  1. Holiday Booking Services

In the holiday booking services he will be the one printing brochures with the attractive locations the company is proposing.


After going through the different jobs that will be performed by the staff in the new structure I can be concluded that: The senior officer, marketing manager and financial manager are most suitable to work in the office as the senior officer and marketing manager will have to work in close collaboration to market the product and ensure that the company goals are met. As for the financial manager, he will be responsible to control the resources of the company while ensuring that company goals are met. So basically it is important that these three masterminds work in the office. With the advent of seamless technology where the world is most connected than ever the virtual employee model is being more practiced across the globe so in this context the virtual employees will be the web developer, IT infrastructure, Publication officer and sales and support staff. For these listed staff there will be appropriate IT structure like Skype, cloud computing, team viewer or any tailor made software will be set at home for them to be able to do their respective work from their respective home itself while being present in the company.

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