The Debate on Gun Control and the Second Amendment

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In the United States Constitution, our second amendment stated that "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Regarding this paper, I will be speaking out about gun control and the second amendment and how society can further enforce gun control while abiding by the constitution to remain a 'free state'. Many people believe in the right to practice The United States second amendment by purchasing a gun; to which make them an active gun owner. However, not all active gun owners are choosing to practice this right safely and, in the end, whether accidental or intentional; the people of our nation are paying for it with their lives. There is a better, safer and smarter way to ensure the nation is free to the constitutions belief while ensuring the protection of lives to our people.

Personally, I support the United States to enforce gun control, Yes, it's our right in the constitutions to "bear arms", but by adding the gun control laws and making more restrictions on who can own a gun is still giving everyone the rights. But if the citizens violate laws by being unlawful with their guns, the government should have the authority to take their rights and their guns away, because violate the laws it's a personal decision, if they choose to do so, they have the knowledge and have to suffer the consequences by having their rights taken away and possibly owning a gun in the future. From a source called "Gun Control" by Opposing Viewpoint Online, stated, "The executive orders expanded background checks to cover firearms sold at gun shows and online; required states to provide the federal government with more information on people disqualified from purchasing guns; hired more federal agents to process the background checks." By adding the background checks for citizens to obtain a gun license which allows them to purchase a gun, we know as a nation, who we are allowing to own guns. However, a gun license is different from concealed handgun licenses, which you must go to class and pass another series of background checks and tests.

However, there will also be a huge impact on implement gun control laws and try to enforce a gun license. According to "Second Amendment "by American Law Yearbook 2016, "Gun rights groups, businesses, and individual gun owners filed lawsuits in Connecticut and New York federal district courts, challenging the laws. They argued that the laws violated their Second Amendment rights and that some of the provisions were unconstitutionally vague. The New York district court agreed that the New York law burdened the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, but it did not violate the Second Amendment." Many citizens might against this idea of "Gun licenses" because they think adding a requirement is unnecessary or is preventing their constitutional right to own a gun, but it's not, by adding this gun control/gun licenses, it will make a better and safer environment for everyone even for the gun owners, to know their fellow gun owners are law-abiding citizens, By forcing people to obtain a gun license, there will be less school shooting and fewer people will have to suffer by their lives taken away by unlawful gun owners.

During his presidency, President Barack Obama proposed a number of measures aimed at curbing gun violence and illegal purchases following the 2013 Sandy Hook shooting. His efforts focused on improving background checks, banning private purchases of assault weapons, strengthening school safety procedures, and increasing American's access to mental health programs. The Senate failed to pass any of the gun control measures Obama proposed. Obama's plan also included twenty-three executive actions that did not require Congress's approval, however. These executive actions included making improvements to the gun sales background check system, directing funds towards research into gun violence, and maximizing law enforcement efforts to help prevent and prosecute gun crime." That was a source from "Right to Bear Arms" by Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Just like Obama was trying to oppose the new gun control law, there can be many different improvements we can add on. For example, for a person that wants to be a gun owner to obtain the gun license, you must be a citizens of the United States, have to be at the age of 21 or older to buy any type of firearms, it doesn't matter if it's rifles or handguns, and have to be mentally healthy and not the least, the person has to pass a background check that shows any type of criminal records that related to robbery or violence. By issuing those new laws, it might decrease the crime rates and help the society to be a safer place.

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