The Bloodiest War in U.S. History

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The civil war was the bloodiest war in American History, its effects are still felt today. However, it is what occured after the war that has truly made a mark in modern society. Despite the terms for the souths surrender being fairly relaxed, the legalization of blacks as citizens as well as the pursuit of equal rights further encouraged Klan activity to increase and manifest into society.
After the period of Reconstruction, follow by the 15th Amendment, the formation of hate groups such as the KKK began.

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“The Bloodiest War in U.S. History”

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Despite the terms for the souths surrender being fairly relaxed, the legalization of blacks as citizens as well as the pursuit of equal rights further encouraged Klan activity to increase and manifest into society. After african-americans had secured the 15th amendment many southerners turned to violence to prevent the newly freed southern blacks from voting. As a result of this push for a do whatever it takes mentality Klan Activity in the south exponentially increased and their attacks were becoming increasingly horrifying. After a (INSERT CITATION)riot that broke out in Memphis,Tennessee which resulted in the assassination of 46 blacks and 70 more injured 2 months later on July 30th, 1866 a white mob in New Orleans attacked the attendees of a black suffrage convention leaving 37 african-americans dead and 3 allied whites.. As the evidence shows, after the ratification of the 15th amendment hate groups such as the KKK were formed and with a push for more violence as a way to disrupt african-americans in their pursuit of their freedoms, hate group activity surged throughout the south.


The transition of presidents from Lincoln to Johnson, and Grant had different effects on equality in the U.S. which ultimately had different effects on the power of hate groups during their terms and beyond. President Abraham Lincoln was a driving factor for the pursuit of the freedom of slaves which the north achieved at the end of the war, however President Lincoln was also a large step in the right direction towards equality. Lincolns plan for reconstruction was to bring in the south peacefully and with little repercussions despite large protest from republican radicals and some member of congress. Part of bringing the south in was for the states to swear to never take arms up against the United States again but to also publicly admit that slavery was wrong. This was a sound plan and would have made the south’s transition back very smooth for the entire country, however John Wilkes Booths assassination of President Lincoln led to the transition becoming much messier.

After Lincoln was assassinated President Johnson was put into office, the Problem with Johnson was that he was a scalawag, meaning he was a sort-of false republican, unfortunately President Johnson did not do a great job of hiding it. Johnson was ultimately jeered for his plan to bring back the old souths ways of outright racism and inequality. However what many people didnt realise is that through Johnson many ex-confederate soldiers and other radical racists drew strength and confidence from Johnsons persistence and ideology which led to the formation of hate groups like the KKK. After Johnsons term was over Ulysses S. Grant was elected president and he tried to fix the problems created by Johnson such as the problem that was the Klan and ignorance from southern states. In Grants pursuit he passed several acts to try and firmly end the use of terrorist groups to deter Black People from carrying out their deeds as citizens. In the end, Grants poor choice in the government officials he elected would be his undoing as President and also DESTROYED his credibility and authority, which allowed states to continue to bypass his laws/acts and allowed the Ku Klux Klan to continue to progress and grow.


Although african-americans were attaining the same rights and freedoms of white people, they still had to wait a long time before they could actually act on them. Due to increased violence and Klan activity in the south many black newly freed slaves were either forced or decided against acting on their rights, a prime example of this was voting. Another example of this situation was the job crisis for african-americans, as they gained the right to be able to own property many of the newly freed slaves didnt have any money to buy land so most went back to working for their former owners in an attempt to gain an income, and many times African-Americans and even poor whites were subjected to share-cropping which was a modern form of slavery, which kept them from earning enough money to move off the land and start their own independent life. As time progressed the racist hate group known as the Ku Klux Klan took their ideals and motives (those which prevented, and scared african americans from voting) and transformed them into the Jim Crow laws which made segregation legal, allowed for open expression of discrimination towards Black People and with the return of literacy tests, things like the right to vote for african americans were restricted as many african americans failed the tests. The evidence provided supports the claim that although Black People gained their rights they were not protected and further, Black People had to wait even longer to truly begin to fulfill them. A prime example being the right to vote which in summary was suspended and tampered with due to the Jim Crow Laws and the formation of sharecropping.


Despite laws passed by the government to help protect African-Americans from persecution by hate-groups the end results were very limited and ineffective. As many people were scared to trial against the Klan Ulysses S. Grant put the (INSERT CITATION) Force Acts of 1870 into action which stated that South could no longer ignore southern blacks and their rights and had to acknowledge the guarantee of their equal protection.. However, due to the government’s limited influence and power in the south laws such as this were still ignored and violated. Congress (Highly Republican Majority) even passed the (INSERT CITATION)Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 that made individuals, groups, and states subject to federal law if convicted of racial hate crimes, once again instead of these laws having a real impact, hate groups such as the KKK simply adjusted and continued forward. (INSERT CITATION)The basic ideals of racial hate groups manifested into the Jim Crow laws and segregation as of 1877 to 1954, allowed Klan activity to not only continue but also increase and grow. Even in todays era, the Ku Klux Klan still exists and carries out hate crimes (although on a much lower level). The evidence provides dates and events in time following reconstruction and the 15th amendment that help show the extensive power of the Ku Klux Klan as well as the limited power and influence of` the federal government in the south during times of racial inequality and persecution.


The civil war is known as the bloodiest war in U.S. history, and for a good reason. This war resulted in the highest amount of casualties to american soldiers to date. In addition to these statistics the civil war had a lasting effect after its conclusion and still affects society today. One of the best known effects of the war is the formation of hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan which was created as a way for ex-confederate soldiers and other southerners to maintain their racist way of life in addition to scaring black people away from filling their newly acquired rights and truly acting as a U.S. citizen. The transition of presidents also meant a change of ideals of a nation. From Lincoln to Johnson to Grant and after meant a continuous change in actions taken towards equality, therefore each presidential term was different. Despite this, in the long run actions taken by different presidents resulted in little positive change as no real action was taken to continue and maintain said actions. In the end these changes were led by and influenced by racial hate groups such as the KKK and have continued to be effected as time has passed. After the period of Reconstruction, follow by the 15th Amendment, the formation of hate groups such as the KKK began.

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