Black History Comes

Black history comes every year in February. Every year we all celebrate black African Americans that made a change for us. Without them life wouldn’t be the way it is today. Decades ago, the blacks had lived a hard life, and for that they fought for freedom. As us citizens we thank them for that and we celebrate them every year to thank them for the risk of there lives and their bravery to everyone to be equal no matter what sex they were and the color of there skin. We would all get treated equal. However, many people were wondering about Black History.

Are you wondering why Black history is black history? Why is it in February? This shortest month of all 12 months. Black History month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for noticing the center role of black in U.S. history. Black history started to grow from Negro History Week. In 1976 a brainchild named, Carter G. Woodson designed the month of February as Black History Month. They announced this on the second week of February and was chosen in this month because it coincided with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

Black history month is known to celebrated well-known African Americans, and also ordinary people that still made a change. For example, Martin Luther king Jr was one of the well-known Africa American that made a change. Martin Luther King was an American minister and an activist. He went all around speaking about how we are equal, and how we should vote, etc. He made a speech, “I Have A Dream.” It started with, “I have a Dream that one day….” He made the speech basically telling the future of how he wants to be, and what it would like. Later throughout the years, king was shot in Memphis. However, he died a hero.

Another person, we celebrate Black History month is Jackie Robinson. He was the first male that broke a color barrier when he became the first black athlete to play Baseball. He made a difference, because he was the first and he showed it does not matter what color you can play or do anything. He was not the only one to make this a change it was more people. However, Black History Month is also celebrated for him and many more. Jackie Robinson died of heart problems and diabetes complications. However, he is not known or noticed like Martin Luther King but he is noticed to make a change to show anybody can play a sport.

Black History is a month, that we remember those who lost their lives to make America great. Celebrating Black History Month is just talking about what they did, and what they change. Who is the first to do this and that. Just remembering them and learning how they died, and giving people who did not know like little kids know life was not all that easy decades ago.

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