Reflection of Black History Month

The reason why we have Black History Month is that we have to remember the African Americans who gone through segregation and how the white didn’t like the blacks back then. It is necessary because we have to know what the blacks had gone through and how did the segregation is over. There is no segregations for the school anymore back then. The person who founded Black History month is Carter G. Woodson and the minister Jesse E. Moorland. It’s great for history because we have to remember what they had gone through in life. It’s good to know the famous slaves because it talks about their life and legacy on how it changed America. The point of having Black History Month is to remember the important works of African Americans throughout the history.

We will always remember the famous slaves who escaped slavery are Henry Box Brown, Frederick Douglass, Robert Smalls, Harriet Jacobs, William and Ellen Craft. When I learned about Black History month, it’s all about American history on how it changed America.

We read about how the famous slaves escaped for freedom and how they gone through in life. I also learned on Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court banned segregated public education facilities for blacks and whites at every states. President Gerald Ford was recognized to be the Black History Month in 1976, calling the public to seize the opportunity to honor neglected accomplishments of the black Americans. throughout American history. There were a lot of cold cases about the blacks. Emmett Till can’t be forgotten because it changed America. There are Cold Cases about the civil rights. I would like to learn more about Muhammad Ali, because he set an example of racial prides for African Americans and the resistance to the white domination during the Civil Rights movement. I would also like to learn about Maya Angelou. She was a poet, activist, and a civil rights activist. She had an award winning author known for her poem Why the Caged Bird Sings. She was famous for her poems and books. The importance of Black History month is that to be aware of blacks what they have gone through and to be aware of what they accomplished. It is critical to learn about African American’s life and legacy.

Black History is a never-forgotten history because it’s what the blacks had gone through. What I learned from Black History Month is how there were black poets, how the school is desegregated, and learned more of Martin Luther King’s life that I never heard before. I would love to learn every single blacks and what they are famous for. Black History Month matters to everyone, because it is the critical part to the Americans history. Black History Month is the time where the people has to remember African American inventors, activists, and athletes too. Black History Month is reminder of who African-Americans are and that there is only more history to come. As so, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. proved to be a zealous inspiration speaker for African-Americans, and even though he died, his message still lives on. With strong will of the African American people, winning their rights to vote and fighting for civil rights have created history. Their hard work made the African Americans dream come true. The final destination for success ends with the fulfilling one true purpose in life. It’s certainly a history that we can’t forget.

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