This Kind of Testing is being Unjustified

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Testing on animals has been around since 384-322BC (Rachel Hajar), meaning animals have been suffering for a very long time. Scientists have been using this method to try out new medicines or new surgical techniques to save lives. What they do not get is that animals and humans do not have the same body chemistry, making it difficult for the tests to be accurate, with the new advances in technology: experiments should not require animals for such inhumane acts. Instead of using defenseless animals to do such horrible things, scientist should have designed more advanced machinery considering they already have the talent to make new things without needing the help of many resources.

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“This Kind of Testing is being Unjustified”

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This kind of testing is being unjustified; there has been multiple reports of suffering because of all the horrible experiences the animals have to go through. Other reports were the way these animals were living they were malnourished, some of the animals’ heads were severely burnt and bleeding. A huge amount of money is thrown away to do unnecessary procedures. With this kind of money, we could use it to make alternatives to animal testing, invent new machines that will help reduce the lives of animals at risk. One-way scientist covers up what they have done to animals is by saying they are taken care of and they do not suffer any kind of pain. Since they are the ones with the white lab coats, of course, people are going to believe them.

Research has shown that in 2016 alone more than 4 million procedures have taken place, this has caused more than 820,812 innocent animals to die. They do not go through one procedure or one test, one animal can be tested as many as 2 times even if it is already in a lot of pain. Many of the animals used in these experiments are fish, rats, birds, primates, dogs, cats, and sometimes even horses. These animals endure torture that no animal should ever go through. Over 73% of all animals tested in 2016 were mice or small rodents. Scientist prefer to use animals with a non-human vertebrate and cephalopod such as octopus and/or squid. Using animals like these also bring non-effective results in tests, which is another reason it should stop. Octopus and squid do not have anything related towards the human body making them unreliable.

Tests are done on animals for many things: chemical, sprays, perfumes, medicine, and makeup. Many cosmetic brands are cruelty-free, and they still manage to have customers buy their products. The European Union has banned cosmetic testing because it is cruel to the animals and not required. Many other countries are following their steps in ending this type of testing or prohibiting brands that use them to sell anywhere in that country. Places like China require their make-up brands to test on animals to sell on their market.

Korea and Turkey have stepped back on the testing and they even consider ending it, which would be the good thing to do. Animals do not wear makeup or try to look pretty, so scientist should not force them to be the first ones to try out new products they do not need. It is not a requirement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to test new chemicals or any kind of product on animals, but researchers choose to do it. This makes it worse for the animals because they are not needed in the laboratories, they are wanted there to try out and make sure things come out as they are supposed to.

There are many other useful ways to find out about animals and how they do things, we do not need to dissect frogs or pigs to see the insides; we can find alternatives for this. As a person, you can help in many ways to stop animal abuse not just in labs but also in classrooms and other places around the world like zoos’. Before someone passes away, they can decide to donate their body to science for others to learn from, and they can also donate to charities who do not test on animals for any kind of medicine or any type of harmful chemicals and instead work hard to save them. When a kid is in a classroom and they want to dissect an animal, people can stand up and say no to defend the rights of the defenseless animal. Many more animals are being tested that the public does not know about. The people who are aware of this can help and put an end to this.

Dogs are also part of these cruel experiments especially beagles because they know how to tolerate pain a lot better than any other dog. More than 60,000 dogs undergo experiments each year; they are the ones who undergo more experiments than any other mammal. Dogs are cute, fluffy animals and everyone views them as wonderful little creatures, but nobody really talks about the horrible side of animal testing they go through or the torture they endure.

Beagles are the most common used dogs and there is no law that prohibits people from doing animal testing. There are people trying to put an end to all animal testing, it is quite hard when there are more people with it than against it. There have been campaigns, posters, marches, and so many more things to persuade people to join end animal testing and help to end all this cruel torture. No animals should have to wonder when the next test will be or when they will die so they will not suffer anymore. They need help and the more the public fights for animal rights the more chances that scientists and researchers will stop and free the animals and search better ways to test new products that are harmful to the animals.

Once scientists finish using the animal or the animal is close to dying, they throw it out and dispose of it. These people in white lab coats make everyone believe that the animals are safe and there is nothing to worry about, they are lying and do not what the public to know exactly what is going on inside these laboratories’. Animals suffer physical, emotional, and mental pain every single day they are locked in those metal cages. Since there are no laws saying this is illegal, more and more animals will be hurt and killed. These animals spend all their day wondering when the next test will be preparing themselves mentally that they will go through a lot of pain and suffering. This is extremely sad knowing that so many people love majority of these animals, and so badly they are treated.

When animal testing was becoming more common scientist used animals to test a drug for pregnant woman, so it could stop morning sicknesses. Doctors gave this medicine out and it backfired on them, many kids were born with defects and one mother died because of the drug. It is a fact that if scientist were to have used human like methods they would have gotten a lot closer to getting better results. Because of this happening, it also comes to show that we cannot rely much on animals to give out good and positive results, which makes it worse to keep using them when they do not have the same system as humans and cannot give us the results we need.

Because the animals do not give us presentable answers, scientists should put an end to testing and focus more on other ways to test things. It has been showed that because of the failed results many people have died or have gotten extremely sick, death rates would decrease drastically if researchers used more human like methods and leave animals out of it. The more doctors give out medicines or any type of antibiotic to patients that have been tested by animals, the more likely these patients are to get sick or even die.

Humans and animals do not have the same body chemistry, making it extremely difficult to get accurate results from animals and provides us with negative results. Since animal testing has been around for so long, people still think that is it ok to keep using defenseless animals to torture them to find out about a product and the harm it may do. Some places that have banned animal testing are inspiring other countries to stop and become cruelty-free, other things that are cruelty-free are some make-up brands, perfumes, and even household items.

It is not hard to buy and support cruelty-free products, it makes it better for the animals, some people think that because of the testing we have safer products which is not true. Animal testing should stop, no animal should go through this kind of pain. Since we keep developing more and more advanced technology every day, there is no reason animal testing should continue. Researchers have the machines and computers needed to no longer use animals, they should start letting animals go.

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