Tesla Electric Car: Review

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Tesla is a is an American car and energy organization. The company manufactures electric vehicles through SolarCity auxiliary, sun oriented board producing. The co-founder Elon Musk talks about several advantages using Tesla and eventually switching to a completely solar ecosystem. He also talks about the benefits of using solar energy and their up and coming SpaceX program.

1. Critically review the technology presented in the video. Be specific in describing the hardware and software behind the technology.

Tesla is a mechanized and energy storing organization that structures, makes, and wholesale electric vehicles, electric powertrain segments, and battery-worked products Tesla does not utilize one big battery cell, but rather utilizes a huge number of little, lithium cells. It is intended to be less expensive to make and lighter than standard cells by evacuating some security features. Tesla uses linux as its software.

2. What is the vision of the inventor for this novel technology? That is, is the inventor profit motivated? Socially motivated? Cite two applications of this novel technology that best illustrate his/her vision. The applications should be from the video.

The vision of the inventors of Tesla are to stop using fossil fuel and start using more sustainable energy for the ecosystem. An application of this novel technology that best illustrates their vision is that Tesla also manufacture energy solutions like solar roofing and powerpack. This helps individuals manage reusable energy. Another application is called SpaceX, its purpose is too build a faster and fully reusable rocket. We all know that it takes millions of dollars to build a rocket. SpaceX wants to refurbish rocket equipment for reuse instead of having to make the equipment from scratch.

3. How might you apply this novel technology in your life or in your community?

I can apply this novel technology in my life by using more solar and energy efficient resources in my day to day life. Using solar roofing is an excellent way to accomplish this. You can save a lot of money on bills by using solar roofing and can be used at a household or business.

4. How does the article fit within the context of the course? That is, what course topics apply to this article? Do not miss the opportunity to include references to course readings here.

This article fits in the context of this course because its essentially talking about innovation. Innovation is a topic that we’ve discussed on multiple occasions. For example on week two we talked about emerging technologies and how the innovation of cell phones changed over the years. This article is showing innovation of motorized vehicles and how we can use utilized in a more healthier and efficient way.


Elon's thought regarding reasonable vitality leaded to the Electrical vehicle. In the point of view of effectiveness, he suspected that power can be great power source to move the vehicle and it can understand the exhaustion of the petroleum product. His undertaking to break as far as possible was astounding and it expanded the range of the vehicles, however to make up the lacking of present framework there are such a large number of things to be supplemented. As a matter of fact, I was so inspired from this video that his intend to popularize the power vehicle would have no break. As a result of alternate organizations, he claims like Solar City and SpaceX would supplement the Musk's arrangement. He is doing the things not to profit, but rather to change the world with his innovative thought.

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