Technology and Management of Masafi

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Masafi is the leading producer of beverages like pure natural mineral water, juices, and other drinking articles in the gulfs. It was established in the year 1976 which is having a paid-up capital of around five and a half million dollars it is a unique brand which has been holding the market for the past 29 years. Masafi has now become the generic name for mineral and bottled drinks around the entire reign. Due to its pure and natural freshness in the products Masafi has gained the fame of producing world class products. Masafi wants to gain the leadership of the entire market by increasing the quality of its products to some more extend which will further increase its quantity by the process of continuous innovative marketing, reinvestment and marketing. Masafi is about family; about the natural goodness in this precious world; about well-being, so ultimately the purpose of masafi is to provide nourishment for the present time and also in the future. Masafi contains a total of 51 percent market share in Dubai and 46 percent market share of United Arab Emirates. Masafi exports its product to Japan, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is a kind of brand which has always looked towards future for excellence and strategies and still many of its projects are in the pipeline for future launching of its unique products. Masafi is holding the record of being the first natural mineral water manufacturing company of United Arab Emirates to receive the NFS certificate by the NFS international. The masafi plant can manufacture more than 120,000 bottles in an hour. It is equipped with its own testing lab for water analysis. Masafi has always performed its role to the welfare of the environment very seriously that’s why these days’ recyclable bottles are being produced by the company. In its history of 28 years masafi has supported and sponsored many international events held in Dubai which has proven to increase the visibility of its brands in local region, even regionally and even at international level. Even it has won many prices for its eco-friendly bottles and its supreme quality drinks. (Masafi Products)

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“Technology and Management of Masafi”

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over view of the retail presence in U.A.E:

Not only its quality but also the sales of the company is also increasing day by day to its tremendous quality which is increasing day by day and is one of the most important cause of increase in the number of the customers. Masafi is the market leader for beverages in United Arab Emirates. Since ruling in this market has made to pass almost more than 20 years and now it has holded the markets of other countries also. Besides being the leading product that delivers to the consumers need and necessity, its portfolio contains tissues, mineral water, masafi flavored water, masafi juices, and masafi potato chips. Its mineral water comes in the bottles of 300ml, 500ml, 1 liter, 1.5 liter. Its four gallon bottles are recyclable and are only for one time use. Its flavored drinks are available in UAE in five flavors like jasmine, mint, strawberry, and lemon and peach. The juices of masafi contain no preservatives, no artificial sweetener, and no added sugar and are 101% natural in taste and manufacture. Masafi has shown a tremendous growth of around 17 percent in its company’s net profit. Not only this masafi is known to be the only in gulf and the third party certifier for the boiled water. As per the rise in the company’s profit the revenue of the company has also increased to a total of 230 to 275 million YTD recorded till date.

connection between the company and its stores:

It is the policy or can say the prior need of the company to have a good relation between the company and its outlets or the stores. Almost all of the beverages stores in Dubai or in almost all of the Emirates have maximum products of this company it’s all due to its extreme sales and that is due to the quality of the product which is improving day by day. As per the researches done by the Emirates research center the increasing product sale of the company is at an extreme rate it needs to show certain changes or can say improvement in its production speed so as to make up with its sales ratio. As per the internet sources the company is growing with 40% ratio every 10 years. As per the records of the sales of beverages of masafi it sells around more than one lack of mineral bottles per day and around 12,000 bottles of juices per day including the sales reports from all its retail stores. The best example for the services of this company can be taken from one of the most famous and well known scandals of this company where the company received some complains from its customers about the visible impurity in the bottles of this company as soon as the company heard this in no time all the bottles form all the outlets and the retail stores were backed by the company in no time and even in a day or two these infected bottles were exchanged by the fresh ones thus this shows the activeness and the sincerity of the company which increased its reputation among the retail outlets and even its customers. Thus all these activities have made the company even more firms in its decisions. (Masafi Co. LLC., 1996)

operational decisions:

The increasing market of the company has made the company to think about how to control its increasing positions because although it is difficult to reach at the top but it is more difficult to maintain the same position further after. Thus the company has started to work hard on its “zero stock outs” and it’s “on time delivery of orders”. At present the maturity level of the company is not enough to give such feed backs so company has to bring some changes in its administrative level it has to adopt certain means or new policies in the company so as to bring the desired outputs. The company should open at least two more factories in certain other parts of the country where the company takes a lot of time to make reach its goods this will not only make the transportation easy but the most important reason for this is to tackle the increasing pressure on its older factory which is now finding difficulties in carrying the loads of the market and due to this problem only the on time delivery of goods is not possible so this attempt will decrease the pressure and will solve the problem for the on time delivery of the goods and the nearer factories will save the transportation coasts also leading to the more profit for the company Secondly, the company should organize every year few meeting or just an annual meet for its employees and the owners of the various outlets and the retailers. There the company can discuss how to do their remaining journey together so as to maintain their profit there they can also discuss about their problems for the policy of zero stock out as if the outlet owners will show active participation in this the problems can be solved for “no zero stock outs” Learning from the other foreign countries and their way of preventing zero stock outs by the means of online connections of the company with its outlets and the retailers where the company is connected online by all the outlets in it all the data of sold items is maintained so decrease in any of the product will be fulfilled by the company before The company should opt for the target system like the retailer or the outlet owner who has maintained zero-stock out will be given a special hamper like a car or certain costly items which will influence the owners to keep a record of its brought and sold items which will avoid zero stock outs. Special goods delivery team should be made so as to act or respond on the orders of the outlets quickly for this the company should make new recruitments of the locals of that area who are well aware of all the ways. So these small decisions will fulfill the dreams for zero stock out and the on time delivery of the company’s products


All the information’s mentioned above were really not as easy to find as they look almost all the sites of masafi were visited and the required facts about the company were taken for the processing, not only this all the facts present on internet were squeezed and information’s were taken out even a ten minutes meeting was also organized with the regional manager of the company which cleared many of our doubts. The reason for quoting the above mentioned lines were that the distribution of the company’s product is increasing and so the sales should also thus its number of factories should increase. Due to the increasing benefits of the company has made the employees irresponsible so annual meetings should be organized before a setback to the company again. Due to the increasing stores and factories and work the staff should also increase else increase of work load will decrease the performance of the employees. So all these efforts will surly fulfill the dreams of the company for “zero-stock outs” and the “on time delivery of products”.

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