Syrian Revolution With Facts

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He couldn’t hear and he couldn’t breathe. Half of the living room was now reduced to a pile of rubble showing the buildings that were beside the apartment, this was what happened to the character Mahmoud in the book Refugee. Ever since the Syrian Revolution started there have been bombs dropping daily and shootings occurring almost everyday. And because of this war so many people have been hurt or worse dead so I wanted to find out what started the Syrian Revolution and how it affected syrians and countries around the world.

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“Syrian Revolution With Facts”

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So what had started this war in the first place? And how could it possibly escalate into such a dramatic and violent war? Well according to the Washington Post the Syrian Revolution started in March of 2011 from a peaceful protest against Bashar al-Assad that broke out in Syria as part as the Arab Spring. So organizers called president Assad to accept a democratic reform which means to make changes in the government to be more democratic so they could vote to take down Bashar al-Assad, but the government replied with violence which ended up with people joining the military to form the Free Syrian Army to overthrow the government.

In this paragraph I will tell you about their living conditions and how this war has affected Syrians in many ways. “We’re living on the edge of life. We’re always nervous, We’re always afraid.” From a mother of nine Mariam Ankash who’s husband was killed by a sniper. This is just one of many problems that Syrians face today another is basic needs for example four out of five people live in poverty, and with the government blocking access from food so that one in three people are unable to meet basic food needs and when you think that it can’t get any worse it does, 70% of people in Syria don’t have clean water and there is very little health service. And because of this violence, by June 2013 90,000 people were killed and thousands have fled to neighboring countries to apply for asylum. Another example is from a syrian named Abu Sami he lives in such poor conditions he has to use things around the house to treat himself for example: He has to collect rainwater for water, when he is ill he treat it with aloe and other herbs, when he has a rotten tooth that hurts too much he pull it out by himself with pliers, and he lives in a super cramped space with paint peeling of the walls. Yet he still stays in syria because its his home.

This event has not only affected Syrians but also other countries so in this paragraph I will tell you about how this event has affected other countries. Because of this war many Syrians have fled to other countries especially countries close to Syria such as Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey which results in those countries struggling to cope with all the refugees coming from Syria. Another country that has been affected is the U.S but only two reasons, one is that the Islamic state militant group began progressing on the U.S so the U.S launched airstrikes against them, second reason is that the U.S tried to punish Assad’s government for using chemical weapons like sarin and chlorine gas on civilians. Last is Russia who is an allie and long supporter to Assad’s government he also backed up and helped Assad’s claim that he didn’t use chemical weapons on civilians.

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