The Occurrence American Revolution

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The American Revolution

The Occurrence American Revolution was justified as it had tremendous ramification on different spheres of the American nation. The revolutionary war affected the politics, economy and democratic advancement and contributed to the emancipation of the American people from the oppressive rule of the British.

The fact that the American Revolution led to the development of a democratic American Nation cannot be underestimated. It is relevant to note that the freedom that America achieved from the yokes of the British colonialist is identified as a model of democratic principles and has equally influenced many other countries in the world. The American war, therefore, affected America in gigantic proportions. Argument It is important to propose that the American Revolution is considered the longest military conflict that occurred in America before the Vietnam War. The American War of Independence occurred between the years of 1775-83 and had the objective of freeing the American nation from the influence of the British colonialism (Allison 57).

The aftermath of the war was the realization of independence of the United States. It is evident that Britain had colonized the United States for a long time. The revolution was therefore tailored to free the United States from the oppressive grip of the British colonialists. It is clear that the American Revolution was justified as it played a significant role towards the freedom of the United States from the British rule. It equally influenced political decisions and triggered the occurrences of other revolutions in different parts of the world. The revolution was justifiedas it offered the minorities an opportunity to be freed from the oppressive policies of the white majorities. It is evident that the African Americans and Indian Americans had been discriminated and segregated by the white majorities.

The whites, therefore, believed that in case of war, this groups of people would voluntarily support Britain in order to emancipate themselves. The revolution was necessary because it was a culmination of ten years of unfriendly relationship between the American colonies and the British colony. The revolution, therefore, spread rapidly in April 1775 through the military gunfire. This was the beginning of the revolutionary war that led to the emergence of the new American nation. The American colonies were against the proposed form of leadership that was being advocated for by Britain. The idea of themonarch was violently opposed by the colonies. There was controversy on how the electorate would make their voices heard through the elections.

It is, however, important to note that despite the revolution decisions, the American nation has come out as an oasis of democratic governance as it has been a representation of democratic principles that have not only positioned the nation in an enviable position but equally spread the same principles to other countries. The American nation has insistently prioritized implementation of the bill of rights with the passage of the new constitution that has stabilized the American nation. The democracy that has been achieved in the United States through the adoption of the constitution has helped in the formation of a government. The constitution and democratic principles adopted by the US has led to the empowerment of the citizens in tremendous ways.

It is true that the United States was able to form a truly democratic government in 1776 after the provincial congress drafted the Bill of right as well as the constitution. After the constitution and declaration of rights were passed, it fundamentally guaranteed basic rights to the citizens. The Patriots followed suit by the adoption of the bill of rights before forming governments on their respective states. This reinforced the reasons why the colonies were determined to gain their liberty by fighting what was considered to be the oppressive colonial government. The constitution embraced the importance of personal freedoms among American citizens.

The creation of the creation of the new government that was based on democratic principles was a big achievement for the United States. The passage of the constitution passed the sovereignty authority to the people but not individuals. The idea of the government of the people and for the people, therefore, justified the revolutionary vision of the people. In a nutshell, the United States has continually advocated for the creation of a government based on written democratic principles.

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