Strong Female Icons Related to Movie Joy

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The movie Joy focuses on the strong female icon especially those who are successful in different entrepreneurial lines. Thought the entire film, the author indicates that female personalities also have capabilities of making their success story. More so the author emphasizes the need to have the power of imagination, independence, the determination as well as having patience. The importance of having such virtues is that it helps an individual to realized success after some time. In this research, there are various resources both primary and secondary sources to demonstrate the strength of women in the society as shown in the movieJoy. The movieJoy presents strong ideas about feminism and how strong female icons use their abilities to acquire success in life. Wollstonecraft, Mary. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. Prabhat Prakashan, 1792.

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“Strong Female Icons Related to Movie Joy”

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The treatise written by Wollstonecraft Mary seeks to provide women with information about their strength. It seeks to persuade women to make efforts to acquire the strengths that they have both in mind and in the body.? Wollstonecraft is evidently againstsoft phrases that most women are lured with by men. She considers these phrases to be susceptible to the heart, a delicacy of sentiments as well as a refinement of taste. She considers thesoft phrases as objects that results in pity and that kindness demonstrated as a result of love will shortly become objects of contempt. Wollstonecraft dismisses some feminine phrases which on most occasions are used by men with the intentions of slashing the dependence that women have on them. These expressions are also used to entice women since on most occasions; men have identified the weaknesses of women and what they can hold against them. Wollstonecraft considers the fact that on most occasions women are always degraded due to the mistaken notions of female excellence that is attributed to them. She considers that most women in the society have more sense than their male relates and sometimes this is always unnoticed. Wollstonecraft defines the intellectual levels of women since she talks about the strengths that women have which makes them capable of governing their husbands.

The treatise by Wollstonecraft is evidently a reliable source in this research through it is not a current source since it was published in the year 1792. The treatise vindication of the rights of woman by Wollstonecraft is evidently a strong source of information since it provides information about sources of strength of women. Apart from that, it provides information about the weaknesses that women have that makes them be looked down upon.? This article was written by Mary Wollstonecraft who was a popular English writer, an individual who advocated for the rights of women as well as a philosopher. It is clear that Wollstonecraft is qualified in this subject mainly because she articulated issues to do with the rights of women in a very precise manner. This article is not a scholarly article based on how it is structured, but it is a very popular article that is used as a point of reference by many people. A vindication of the rights of woman by Wollstonecraft is an effective article in my research because it will be used in providing knowledge that will be used as a background of my research. This essay applies to a part in my topic which concentrates on the issue of feminism and how women can use their strength in the society thus making it a possible source in my research. Baldwin, James. “”Going to Meet the Man. 1965.”” New York: Vintage (1995). (pg.1750-1761)

The story mainly focuses on the life of and events that surround Jesse. In the story, Jesse is a white Sheriff whose duty is to ensure that people from the black ethnic community are capable of maintaining order in the midst of white ethnic population. The author gives the family life of Jesse by depicted instances that he shares with his wife. However, Jesse’s main problem is that he is suffering from of insomnia and impotence. Jesse is equally confronted with the issue of blacks who are protesting because they feel that they should also vote. And that is an indication that a new South is yet to be born. Jesse profoundly detests any person who belongs to the black ethnic community. At some point Jesse things about the possibility of subverting the registration process of going to another place altogether. The story mentions how Jesse managers to stop the black who are singing through arresting their ring-leader. The conduct of Jesse throughout the passage indicates that indeed, Jesse dislikes the black people at all cost. The story gives a clear picture of the kind of destitute life that Africans went through under the watch of sheriffs.

The resource used in this case contains some features that show that it is a reliable source. One of the things that make the source to appear original is the fact that it the author chronologically put his discussion. In the beginning, the author uses dialogue and then proceeds with a description of the situation. Notably, all the events in the book take place in a much-organized manner. Besides, the author uses various literary devices such as simile which shows that the work is probably an objectively written. The author of the book is Baldwin James, and indeed he qualifies t write such a book because of his extensive level of participation in writing various books. The information contained in this literature material will be helpful to me when it comes writing my literature review as well as providing some background information that relates to my research.

Brown, Chip. Being a Man- The Many Ways Society Makes a Man. How does a 21st- century boy reach manhood? In some cultures the rite of passage is clear. In others, not so much. National Geographical Magazine. January, 2017.

The author of the article focuses on various activities that societies do to boy child as a justification for manhood. In particular, the author analyzes the initiation ceremony of the Bukusu ethnic group that is found on the western side of Kenya. According to the author, the Bukusu people practice circumcision for their male children when they are required advancing to the next stage of life. The activity is deeply rooted in the tradition of such people and therefore, the community within Bukusu only consider mature men as individuals who have gone through the process of circumcision. Still, the author indicates that in communities where men are subjected to particular activity to prove their maturity into manhood a lot of roles are defined by whether an individual is a man or a woman.

It is apparent even from the parent’s mention in the passage that they have already informed opinion that tends to justify what boy child should do or not do in their life. Most of the parents within Bukusu community are very sensitive when it comes to the roles that each man needs to do and that enables them to have a clear social position in the society. The author of the article also acknowledges the contribution of various scholars in trying to explain why masculinity dominates in some places. It appears that the main reason as to why men dominate over women in some communities is because of the strong influence of traditional practices.

The article is reliable newspaper information. The author uses in-depth analyses to explore the Bukusu culture on how they conduct initiation ceremony. The author cites other people who have done similar work in his work which shows that it is a researched paper. The author is qualified in this subject because he presents both alternative views of the strong male icon while showing whey female are not in similar position. The literature material fits into the research because of much reason. The article is very recent and has critical information of how traditional values undermine strong female icons.

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