CFO Engagement in Virtual Reality

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Businesses nowadays are always looking for something that they can lean on when it comes to managing their financial records and their finances in general. It had been a big issue for many companies that they would have to cut-off some staffs just to bring in an in-house financial expert such as a CFO.

This is why most companies from different industries in the business world have engaged themselves in the virtual world by hiring virtual CFOs. However, several questions have been arising since CFO virtual hiring went trending on the business realm.

Here are the services that virtual CFOs can offer:

-They can hold complete and well-organized management in bookkeeping to produce a more reliable collection of your financial data including an interpretation of the flow of your finances and providing a better insight on the status of your company towards your goals.

-If you hire an expert who is a veteran on your line of business, that would be so much better. These experts can help and guide you towards handling your finances. They can give you working ideas, activities, and projects which can surely give you great profit power and results.

-A CFO who is an expert on your industry can help you put your finances into best use. They can help you decide on the best investments, and the best sources of capital, which can really help you and your company to take a step forward ahead of your competitors.

For better understanding on the services of virtual CFOs, we accumulated four (4) services that they don’t offer:

-HR/Administration Management

-Legal concerns

-Personal participation in executive meetings

-Single-stop for investor relations

Also, it is better to take note that if you are engaging in stand-alone CFOs and not to those who belong in a CFO service group, you won’t be able to enjoy the following services:

-Transaction entry & classification

-Accounts payable

-Bank account reconciliation

-Financial control implementation and oversight

-Optimized workflow

-Accounts receivable


-CPA support for year-end tax and audit

However, there are several facts that a business owner should know before engaging in a Virtual CFO service. Here are the practical facts that you should fix and finalize from taking them on-board.

The provider must know what exactly are your goals. They should not just go through their own expertise, rather, they should know what is the industry you are at and what are the goals of your company to rank up in the industry.

Let your provider show you how they handle reports. Obviously, companies already have their own reporting designs. However, there are CFO providers who have better reporting designs which can show proper accumulation of data and can integrate absolute analysis.

An expert in your industry should know exactly the right technological software to use. Your provider must be able to present to you some technology recommendations that are really working in the present and would be very helpful even in the future.

Allow your provider to change your balance sheets. Analysis after analysis, an expert CFO will definitely know what type of balance sheet your company should have. This may require them to rework on your built balance sheets and let have a picture of a more relevant financial reality.

Build a better financial process along the way. The best benefit of hiring an expert virtual CFO is that you get to borrow their knowledge on how to properly survive in your chosen market. They can be your personal advisers when it comes to decision making concerning your finances. You don’t just get someone who calculates your financial capability but you get to have a great player who can enhance your company’s financial stability and grow your sales without spending too much on wasted investments.

Furthermore, as they work with you along the way, expert virtual CFOs assures you that you get to have your monthly deliverables and your share of knowledge in planning your financial processes. 

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