Speed Race Benelli and QJ Compete in the International Motorbike Arena

What are the fundamental cultural differences that may impede success after the acquisition?

The acquisition will result in the Russian company being dismantled, and the machinery that they own will be transferred to the United Kingdom, and they will not only lose the brand but also the job that they have now. Education is the fundamental cultural difference that might interfere with the success of an organization or a person after the acquisition. There is a difference that lies in between an employer who equates the employees with the success and their credentials. There is a difference between an employee who has college skills and one that has the practical knowledge and experiences.  There is the cultural difference which is the personal background of a person. The place where a person lives will determine a lot the cultural differences in the workplace and the relationship that will be built in between the other colleagues. This, for instance, comes in when communicating, language barriers or the manner in which the business is being conducted.

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What are the key problems related to cultural differences and which integration approach should the company follow to overcome these challenges?

Various challenges may arise due to cultural differences. For one, there is confrontation vs. consensus building. A person is likely to be affected by their background when it comes to the styles of communicating. A person is being confronted by their background.  There is the problem of religion and the workplace.  Religion is a major issue that can come and become an issue in the workplace. People have a different kind of worship, and this might be a risk for there are those people that dislike or are against certain other religions.  For the leader to solve all the cultural barriers then they must be in a position to learn their client’s culture, promote appreciation of cultural differences and lastly they should be open when it comes to trying new things.

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