Race and Ethnicity Related Controversy in the News

Racism is not based on the rules or the government that is in control, but it is associated with the heart of the people that are involved. The racial barriers that are in the high economic are often shattered by the predictable regularity therefore they make the race to become something that is prescribed. Many of the societies often rely on the newspapers since that is where they only can get the information that they need to know. Information is presented differently by a different journalist to the public. Black people will remain the primary racial subject whereby they will continue to be to be manipulated, exploited and abused by various people that are of the different color. Race and ethnicity are something that has been affecting the Asian Americans and their success. This is because; most of them are discriminated and exploited so they lack the chance of doing what they can do best in the profession that they have. This essay is to analyze and investigate how race or ethnicity has an impact in interpersonal and societal conflict.

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“Race and Ethnicity Related Controversy in the News”

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For the past few years, there is a clear indication that the rate of juvenile crimes and the number of Americans that are being detained is dropping. Juvenile incarceration has decreased by 41 percent since 1995 to 2010. Despite all this, the school discipline policies bare going in the opposite direction because they have embraced the out of school suspensions. The suspensions are doubling since the year 1970. The black students are the more likely people to be suspended or expelled than the white students. According to research, most of the children especially the black students tend to be expelled from school because of the grade that they have since they are not entitled to the same education system as the white students. According to the Obama administration, schools are expelling children at a high rate, and they should find some other means that they can use in punishing the students. Among the 100 students that are suspended, 15 of them are black, and 4.8 of them are white which shows the difference in the ethnic group. Black students are always subjects to poor education that is not as advanced as that of the white students hence making them to be more suspended for such cases of being poor or having a low grade in their class.

The journalists are often implicating when it comes to the Asian Americans that have a different color than the rest of the people who have the white color. The racial stereotypes and assumptions are likely to affect the actions that take place in our minds. According to implicit bias that is among many of the journalists, the black people tend to think that they can only be safe if they are the people that know them well or those that they graduated from the same institution. The black population often feel the distance if they are around people that they did not graduate from the same university as them. Black people are subjected to discrimination in schools, and the lecturers that attend to them can be harsh hence causing the failure of this student at one particular point of their life hence leading to the suspension of the student or even being expelled for something that they could have corrected if an individual strategy is employed.

The journalists are using different methods to make sure that they pass information or stories that are similar as those that are being employed by each person daily so that they can make or come up with a conversation that is controversial or interesting. The journalists are in a position where they can frame the information that they have both positively and negatively according to the information that they have with them and the impact that it will have to the society.  The white people have the belief that it will be difficult for them to do away with the racial identities for it will be difficult for them to come to terms with the people of color. They claim that they only see themselves as ordinary citizens. They see that the virtue of their status is dominant in their social position which is unmarked. The white people are when they can go throughout their entire life without thinking of the identity that they have. Whiteness is seen as a function where people categorize people and judge them at the same time. Some of the white people have the belief that they are equal to the other people since they can be disempowered in many aspects of their lives. In the United States, it is scarce for there to be social power for there is the existence of strong cultural tendency in that a person is in a position where they can understand the world regarding individualism.

The suspension of the black student is something critical and one that has become the primary subject of many people who are concerned. Some of the white people believe that there is the existence of change between racial and ethnicity. People can do away with the discrimination of the people of different color since we are all equal and according to the law, we all have the same privileges so long as we are the citizens of the same country. We have the right to enjoy the rights that are entitled to each person provided that we have all the requirements that are needed. The black children should not be expelled for. Instead, the institution can come up with another strategy that they can use in punishing those that do wrong. This can be effective for it will encourage proper and peace among all people in the society. In 1970 it was sporadic to find the students being expelled out of school as a punishment. After the students had become tolerant of the punishment being given to them, the state concluded that they should come up with individual policies that required the students to be suspended. The black children enroll more in schools, and most of them accounted to being arrested for some minor mistakes or wrong doing that they have done when in school. It is clear that during preschool, around 41 percent of the students being expelled included black and they would be punished more than once.

No clear proof indicates the immoral behavior of black students, but due to discrimination, they are the students that are likely to misbehave when at school. According to study, the white children are disciplined for smoking offenses, vandalism, and obscene language while the black children or students are disciplined for something minor like personal reasons such as disrespect.

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