Special People in my Life

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Rachel Johnson Sept. 3, 2010 Most people would just mention their mom as the person who has greatly impacted their lives, but I would say my father as well affected my existence too before and after his death. Those two people mean everything to me, and without them and God of course I would surely be lost in this world we were destined to deal with as it came with its adversities and triumphs. My father was a man of hard, honest work and being a plumber was his way of earning a living for his family. He left home at an early age to support himself with no high school education and literacy skills. Even though he might have known that choosing this life would have been harsh and nerve-racking, he’d endured every obstacle to become his own businessman. His perseverance is what drives me to not give up on every little thing that may seem or come to be difficult to this day. I was surely a daddy’s girl and it permanently scarred me when he died, but instead of taking the negative route I chose to use his memory as something to guide me throughout my life as I mature into a young woman. My mom, another influential figure, has been through some hard times in her younger years like my father. Her education ceased at a high school degree, and instead of becoming a secretary or office worker like she had aspired, her fate took a turn into the slumps when she gotten pregnant at 18. The child had to come first before anything she wanted now, and for years ‘til she had me (her last child) she had put anything social or personal aside for her children needs. This was a lesson to me to set aside goals to do better than this and live life, but not let it live me. She always tell me her mistakes so I wouldn’t repeat it, and checks constantly on my grades, homework, and tell me to work hard and take the initiative to become the best in what I want from this life. College is one of those steps to benefit me in experience of challenging the real world and building a foundation of my career path. Learning from my parents lives’ help me understand that college for me is a necessity for a better life, and that’s exactly what I’m striving for.

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“Special People in my Life”

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