The People who Make my Life Interesting

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“Consider yourself blessed to have someone in your life who wants you to be better and do better” (Unknown). The person who always pushes us to move forward and wants us to be successful in life is the one who really loves us. Many have shaped me to be the way I am today, but the one person who impacted me the most is my mom. A lot of people impacted me by constantly making false compliments on how well I do in life, which makes me feel proud of myself. However, my mom does not expect me to listen to those false compliments because she knows I will not try as hard as I should. My mom has been with me through the ups and downs; in fact, she has been a wonderful influence in my life. My mom is an average looking person; she dresses very simply. She has beautiful long hair; her hair looks like a midnight sky streaked with shooting stars as she gets older. Her eyes crinkle whenever she smiles. Her lips are the color of raspberry jam. Her fingernails are always looking dirty because of how hard she works; indeed everyone who meets her for the first time can easily tell that she is such a hard worker by looking at her hands. She is chubby like a teddy bear; I usually address her as “dumpy bear” and everyone in the family automatically knows that I am talking about my mom. My mom has a sharp eye because she can see exactly what a person is thinking by glancing at that person. Whenever I think of my mom, I always think of a cheetah because cheetahs are always protective of their kids. My mom is very strict about everything I do. For instance, she checks my phone every night to make sure I do not communicate with people that have a negative influence on me. I usually get upset over what she does because I think that I am old enough to determine whoever I want to talk to.

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“The People who Make my Life Interesting”

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However, I was wrong. Even though I am grown enough to realize things, I am still her child and she knows what is best for me. She nags often, but without her, I would not have gotten to where I am today. Furthermore, she is very emotional; she cries over my mistakes or whenever I talk back at her. She usually acts cold towards me whenever I disappoint her. She is very contemplative; in fact, she always thinks before she performs an action. She always reminds me of the color purple because she appears lonely from time to time. My mom used to work on the field out in the countryside back in Vietnam. During the summer, she cut the wheat and distribute them to different factories in town. During the winter, she planted potatoes, peanuts, and all other plants. Despite the humidity of all the seasons, she worked as long as she could to earn money to take care of me. Now she’s older and is not able to work as much anymore; she can only work part-time at an Asian market. She goes to church every Sunday. She loves to do chores; she is very active. She likes to listen to jazz music because it sounds peaceful, and it fits her mood. My mom and I usually cook together on the weekends; she has taught me a lot of things about cooking. We study English together; we help each other improve in English. We shop together; she loves to shop because she always wants us to look good whenever we go out. Every mother always wants what is best for her kids; my mom is no exception. She always wishes that I can be better each day, be successful in life, and be independent. Most importantly, she wants me to be able to realize my mistakes, give up my ego, and stop being stubborn.

I still remember the quote she has been telling me ever since I was a kid; she says “be independent because I cannot live forever to take care of you; no one is going to take care of you except yourself.” I am going to try my best to make my mom’s wishes come true by focusing on and making good grades in school. I want my mom to feel proud of me, and I want to let her know how important she is to me.

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