Farmers are People who are Engaged in Yielding Crops

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Farmers are people who are engaged in yielding crops, raising livestock, and helping the future . Job Duties and Types of Work Farmers provide the following services: Raising livestock to sell, breed, or eat. Turning something raw into something we can use in today's society Fighting hunger and making sure the future carries on farming. B. What are hours/days are required to work?

Is this a career that can be found in any city? In some instances farming started civilization for some cities. Farming develops a great economy and opens a lot of opportunity. Poultry, Meat, veggies and fabric will always have a need and in demand .

Can this work be done inside or outside? Farming can be done in both inside and out but may taste different Indoor growing improves growing speed and may not taste great do to artificial proponents added to the hydroponic systems. Outdoor growing takes longer but most farmers like this because the quality of product is better and is cheaper to produce to quantity as well. Educational Requirements Does this require a college or technical degree? Farming doesn’t really require anything but, having hands on experience really helps with what you can do. B. How many years of school does this require?

If college is an option for farming 4 years is needed for all applicants a four year certification and examination is required and a test over ethics and code will have to be passed. An additional 2 years of hands on training is really helpful but optional. What are some good colleges? Texas A&M University Tarleton State University Texas A&M College of Ag and Life Sciences

Required Skills

What are skills required for this job? Management skills are needed because managing is how you or your employers make money People's skills are very important because working along with other is way easier and could be more productive. Needing help is perfectly fine in the farming business hands may vary to teenagers in high school to trainees needing hands on experience to complete college course. Analytical thinking and problem solving is a must have skill in the farming business because realistically live happens and you can find yourself in some sticky situations like farm equipment failure. You must be able to improvise and adapt to that and figure a way to finish the job no matter the circumstance.

Do you have to have these skills? Yes these skills are required to work as a farmer. Without them farming would not be fun and easy going even through times of adversity. Not having these skills can lead you to more work the next day as your days get longer and busier you'll become stressed.

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