Some Lessons from the Assembly Line

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The author sets up a picture of himself as a student and a factory worker. The story shows us about what happens when a student decides to take a part-time job in the summer while continuing his education. Andrew Braaksma makes some great points in his article. The three main points in the article are to express the importance of education. We need to appreciate the value of being employed. The lack of people not being taught about working hard and the neglect of our education. These points are the driving force of the article. It shows us about learning life’s lessons and appreciating the value of employment when you have it. The author’s primary focus in “Some Lessons from The Assembly Line” is to bring out the situation he went through during his time at work and helping us appreciate the education. In his award-winning article, “Some Lessons from The Assembly Line”, Andrew Braaksma tells you how important going to college is, getting a good job, and working hard.

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“Some Lessons from the Assembly Line”

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The first key point that the author uses is the importance of college. ‘Factory life has shown me what my future might have been like had I never gone to college in the first place.’ He is telling us about how his life would be like if he did not go to college. His education from college will benefit him to get a better job so he does not have to slave away at a factory. “All the advice and public-service announcements about the value of an education that used to sound trite now ring true.’ I agree with the author’s key point and evidence because it is important to have a good education. If you want a good job that pays well, then you need a good education. The author met his goal because he shows how important education is. He states in his article some of the things the people that worked at the factory for 30 years had said to him about putting time and effort into his school work. No additional information needs to be included. The author makes sure he expresses to his readers that if you want a good-paying job, then you need to put time and effort into education.

The second key point that the author uses is getting a good job. My friends who take easier, part-time jobs never seem to understand why I’m so relieved to be back at school in the fall or that my summer vacation has been anything but a vacation ‘.This piece of evidence supports my claim because it states that most people like to take easier jobs to get out of doing the hard work. A lot of people just don’t like to put the effort in so they can benefit from it down the road. I agree with the author’s key point and evidence because it is important that you work hard in life and not slack off. Most people nowadays like to take the easier route in life. No one likes to work hard for anything anymore and the author is trying to tell us that we should work hard at anything we do. The author met his goal with the evidence being presented because after reading this article you will understand that you should work hard in everything you do no matter what it is and you will receive the benefits of your hard work.

The third key point that the author uses is working hard in whatever you do. “After working 12-hour shifts in a factory, the other options have become brutally clear. When I’m back at the university, skipping classes and turning in lazy re-writes seems like a cop-out after seeing what I would be doing without school.’ The piece of evidence supports my claim because it says that he could neglect his education just because he doesn’t want to work hard at school. He then realizes that he does not want to work at a factory every day and that he needs school to be able to get a well-paying job that he does not have to slave away at. I agree with the author’s key points and evidence because you should never neglect your education even though at times you just want to slack off and not do the work. I think the author met his goal because he clearly states throughout the paper that you should not neglect your education. I don’t think additional information needs to be added I think the author states that he realized that you should not neglect your education unless you just want to work long hard hours at a factory the rest of your life. The author gives examples of hardships he went through which taught him to not slack off in college and work hard.


The article states that it is imperative that we get a good education and not neglect it. It is important for our future economic growth that we teach the importance of education and work hard towards that goal. The author’s key points are really valid. He states that you should not neglect your education. Education is vital for your future. The author also says that you should work hard. When you get a job, you should put in all the effort you can without slacking off. The last key points the author stresses is that education is important if you want a well-paying job when you get older. Two insights that I have about my claim are that if you go to college, perform well and try your best you will be rewarded. A good education will help you land a good job and succeed in life.

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