Life Lessons in the Movie Forrest Gump

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The Movie Forrest Gump, a Comedy-drama and romance movie directed by Robert Zemeckis, and Screen play Eric Roth in 1994. The main actor in the film is Tom Hanks as (Forrest Gump) and other actors such as Robin Wright (Jenny), Mykelti Williamson (Benjamin Buford Bubba Blue) , Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan) & Sally Field (Mrs. Gump). In this film, teaches a lesson no matter what limits on yourself you can achieve great things like Forrest Gump. This movie has a lot of history that comes in play whenever Forrest Gump is involved or around the event. In the movie, the film's goal is to play a major role of life, wars, romance, family, drugs & alcohol, and music. And involving actual events that occur in real historical as timeline when Forrest Gump as a child throughout as an adult about life lessons. In the film, it shows Forrest Gump throughout his life and experiences how he talks about his life and how he became a good football player, met historical figures, went through Vietnam War, made good friends, lost lot of family and friends, and he never stop loving his love of his life Jenny. When Forrest Gump goes through all places or events even if it's of that luck or accidental he just went on with it, he'd never think of nothing else than to go forward. When he's in a bad situation he tells someone about what momma always tells him what's wrong or right. Forrest Gump has a very low IQ level, but even though it didn't impact his disability, he was viewed as a honest, brave man, who goes off and do what no man has ever done, he somehow when things get in the way, luck and his Shows the other people that we need people just like him. Things he encountered in life are full of surprises and people experienced it before or can feel the emotions that forrest gump has been through. Forrest Gump always seems to be in the right place at the right time in any situation good or bad. The impression was how the real events occur when forrest gump himself is actually there at that time felt so real. Such as talking and meeting the presidents such as John f. Kennedy during when he starred in college football, or when he met Richard nixon and how he was in their Watergate hotel and called the manager stating he sees someone in flashlights in the other room making him not sleep well, and after that when nixon resigned. Also the color discrimination in college where he picked up a textbook for the negro girl. Overall it looked real. The themes in the film show about bullying, drugs, war, losing parents, color discrimination/racism, sexual abuse, disability, depression, the major overall sensitive subjective in America. Everything has a place to relate, many people such as I, face issues like forrest gump in the movie. This puts impact on realism during those situations. In the beginning of the movie forrest gump has a disability that couldn't make walk properly, besides that he got bullied because of it. And that's when he thought he couldn't run his support for his leg came lose as jenny yells run forrest, run. And kept on repeating it. As Forrest gump outrun his bullies as a kid throughout his highschool years. When forrest gump narrated about how jenny doesn't want to come home is because of his father touching her sexually and how it fast forward to how the sheriff came and took her away from the house to be in a better environment. In the movie their techniques this also helps the story by other techniques such as costumes, it shows sometimes what gump is wearing are sometime nikes, and set actors or sub actors. In the sets vietnam were not exactly at vietnam it took place in South carolina and the rain wasn't from the sky, and other scenes were real like washington d.c or where gump was in a ping pong champion against china. Some of the scenes are put into special effects to put into an illusion. In the editing part where the historical events that forrest encounters blends how the film uses a lot of continuity. Also it flashes back to him narrating his story versus when he is in it. in the beginning where forrest gump is waiting for the bus he waits and talks to every person that is there about his life. He is in a framing area. Or the time where he spoke in the washington D.C about his unknown speech about vietnam. They are shots mostly long shots or close up shots In the scenes it gives out very bright lighting , that gives real color to the scenes. And also gives good mood or darker for bad going on. Forest gumps narrates in the scenes when he's telling his story, but when he is in it during are sometimes he does but it let the story does the talking and giving us a visual scene of what he meant by it. The sound effects are mostly gives us different music whether a every scene are different music sounds. For the music in that era the music shows how popular they were with rock music. Some of them are love music, whereas to every scene with or thinking about jenny. As Forrest Gump always say Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. whatever you encounter like Forrest Gump , you never know what your going to get in this world just like a box of chocolates. And it teaches you life lessons and good values. In the movie forrest gump, it offers comedic value and life lessons to teach everyone that you got to keep moving on.
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