Life Lessons in the Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner tells the story of Amir, a boy living in Afghanistan, and his journey throughout life. He experiences periods of happiness, sorrow, and confusion as he matures. Amir is shocked by atrocities and blessed by beneficial relationships both in his homeland and the United States. To know if anyone will read the book, we think about various quesions. Is it a book that offers enjoyment? Is it a book that is thought provoking? Is it one that can be applied to any age? Kite runner is a story that can easily be related to every generation and enjoyed by all types of readers. The powerful story engages the reader by reminding them of freedom and the fight to achieve it. The readers, with the assistance of news channels, get a live look at situations and consequences similar to those that Amir faces in the novel. Readers are reminded that freedom does not come freely and they are captivated by a novel which shows them a world they have never seen. Americans have not experienced their freedom being taken away from them and that is why they become so riveted by The Kite Runner. They are reading about a circumstance that they know little about and they want to learn about it. The book offers glimpses and answers to questions, and that is what has led to its success. Success was not reached solely based on the informative nature; it is also backed by the easily relatable conflicts and life situations. Throughout life everyone experiences friends that come and go, decisions that are difficult, and situations that may end in heartbreak or joy. The closeness that can be applied to the events in the novel allow for a deeper connection to the characters and the storyline. The connection allows for an ability to really feel what Amir is experiencing and this connection urges the reader to continue reading. The novel is so affective because it describes a story which involves relationships and situations that people deal with on an everyday basis. Everyone has friends and sometimes there are struggles with them, other times there is extreme happiness. Families are a part of every personr's life and young boys always experience the pressure to make their fatherr's proud. Loyalty and betrayal are two situations that do not occur everyday but they play a huge role in life. There are points in life when people have been betrayed or have betrayed and have been loyal or have had someone be loyal to them. The focus on these four key aspects of life helps an easy connection to form between Amir and the readers. The readerr's flash back to events that took the same course as the ones Amir has to deal with and they can understand the pressures he experiences. The story comes to life because the emotions are real, the pressures are easily understandable, and the decisions are ones that readers have had to make themselves. In the end the success of the storyline, character development, and level of readability makes the novel classic. A fresh change for the reader; as the plot is unique, characters are fully developed, and every aspect of life is detailed. Learning about Amirr's experiences as he matures allows understanding of the many details of his life. From the first page the main characters and minor characters are explained in great detail, so the relationships are easily understood. Once the story falls into place, the descriptions allow for easy comprehension. Full of meaning and emotion each character is developed substantially. Hosseini is not just an author when he describes his characters, he is an artist. He does not just describe the characters with words; he paints their pictures without images. He allows the characters to come to life by describing their most intimate details which may seem insignificant but in the long run offer a more in-depth glimpse into the characters lives. The writing style lends itself to easily understood messages that flow from the pages. The flow of the writing draws the readers into the story. Along with keeping the culture and characters traditional Hosseini is able to do creative things with witty and unexpected plot turns. He is also able to develop characters and add traits to them that were not imagined. The book helps to teach readers how to deal with situations and how to make changes to prevent future atrocities from occurring. This story has been a reverberating theme through history: oppression, cruelty, and dominance over innocent races are situations that have occurred numerous times. This book may be fiction, but it offers a chance to learn about the impact of atrocities and make changes to avoid them. Many people do not read about these troubling problems in boring history textbooks. This story is engaging, interesting, and vivid in the eyes of the beholder. The Kite Runner offers lessons that can be applied to every life. The book simplifies the events of friendship and family in a way that young and old readers alike can understand. The young readers can learn about their relationship with their fathers and they can learn about the importance of friends. Older readers can learn about the importance of doing the right thing and demonstrating that one decision can define a person proves a point about reality in life. However, this also demonstrates a lesson that learning from the mistakes and triumphs of the characters; readers become emotionally attached and stimulated to read until the conclusion. Characters, plot, emotional appeal, and easily relatable situations are too strong for this book to crumble. Internal characteristics have provided a strong base to withstand the petty attacks on underdeveloped metaphors and transparent descriptions. Reality of the many life lessons learned, makes this novel a staple for reading in all circles.
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