Some Entries from Diary of Mansa Musa

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Log Date 7 – 1 3 2 4

Location: Leaving the Mali Empire

It is time for me to leave my beautiful Empire of Mali, to go on my religious journey to Mecca, also known as Hajj. Perhaps I will conquer some land on my way there. I have decided to travel with a stupendous group. There are approximately 60,000 people, consisting of soldiers, slaves for me and slave specifically for my wonderful wife, and heralds. Since Mali is such a rich and powerful empire, my entire assemblage is draped in Persian silk and carrying golden staffs. My camels and horses are all carrying many pounds. I plan to do much great on my journey

Log Date 8 – 1 3 2 4

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Today was quite the interesting day! We have travelled all the way to northern Africa to the land of Egypt. Arriving in Cairo, I notice the horizon full of miles and miles of sand. The large, complex pyramids built hundreds of years ago. How fascinating was the architecture and wealth of this country?! I merely tried to pass through this articulate land, until I had quite an interesting encounter with the emir Abu, who had come out to meet me on the behalf of the mighty sultan al-Malik al-Nasir. Though I am perfectly capable of communicating in Arabic, I ordered my communicator to speak for me. The emir, Abu, tried to persuade me to meet the sultan, however, I was solely passing through on my way to Mecca. He then informed me that I had to kiss the hand and ground of the Sultan. That is extremely repulsive! I am the richest King in the world, I shall not kiss the hand and ground of some other Sultan. However, this man was quite tiresome, so I eventually agreed to meet with said sultan.

As I was presented to this bothersome man, his court commanded “Kiss the ground”. But I refused to do so. Then one of the intellects I had brought along with me on my journey whispered something that I forget now, and said “I make obeisance to God who created me!”. I then kneeled to the sultan, went forward to him, and sat with him. We conversated for quite some time, he turned out to be less of a narcissistic fool than I pegged him to be. He then offered lodging to me and the plethora of people that accompanied me. I am very grateful, for he is allowing us to stay here for quite a while.

Log Date 11 – 1 3 2 4

It has been about 3 months since we have been staying in Egypt. It is time for me to go and complete my journey to Mecca. In return of his generosity, I left a ridiculous amount of wealth as my parting gift to the sultan. After leaving today, I then realized perhaps I left TOO much gold. It’s more than the amount of metal they own there. I surely hope I don’t depreciate the value of metal in Egypt with all the gold I left. I just hope the economy will not soon take a major downfall! This isn’t my intention at all. Oh, dear me, I must be more conscientious with my actions!

Log date 2 – 1 3 2 5

My trip was not only about giving, but I ended up conquering as well, for what is a King without his brave conquests for territory? I ended up recently acquiring the land of the Songhai Kingdom, which allowed me to extend the Mali Empire to the southern edge of the Sahara-desert, granting me access to the Niger River as well. The conquest wasn’t the simplest thing I’ve done, for it was an extremely large empire with many resources, wealth, and military power. Perhaps that’s why I was so attracted to it! One of my generals, Sagamandia, was the leader of this conquest. Under me, I believe that I will make city of Timbuktu in Songhai, one of the most important and greatest commercial cities on the planet. Since I now have connections with Egypt and many other important trade centers in North Africa, I plan to see much success grow out of this city. With the encouragement of trade and commerce I want there to be more education, and have centers for scholars interested in history, theology, and the arts.

Log Date 5 – 1 3 2 5

I am now returning from my fabulous pilgrimage to Mecca. I had quite an amazing journey, and I feel as if my mark will be left on the world forevermore.

I cannot believe I’ve made it this far. I guess I can believe, for I am an amazing leader! I have expanded my wonderful, powerful Empire of Mali so far, I cannot even hear all the concerns of my people. I want to make sure all of parts of my government are operating correctly, fairly, and effectively. I am bringing back with me Arab scholars and government bureaucrats from my pilgrimage, to add to my government. I have conquered new territories, and I plan to divide my empire into provinces, and n to put a governor in charge of each province. Business that affects my empire as a whole shall be taken care of by me and my advisors. I believe this is the most efficient way to control my empire, since we have expanded so far.

Aside from government bureaucrats and scholars, I have also brought back immigrants, and architects, for I am an articulate King, and I would like to have more talented people and foreigners that can bring great things to this empire. I have done much good on my journey. I also brought back mathematicians, philosophers, and astronomers. I’ve strengthened Islamic education by adding mosques, libraries, and universities. These universities shall be constructed to draw thousands of students. Ideas shall be shared and debated. I plan to build a great university called “The University of Sankore”, and educate my people further than they already are. The Empire of Mali shall become a center of learning and culture as great as any in Europe. We shall also create even more cultural diversity through my trading routes, that will lead to more economic prosperity. I also have brought Islamic holy men with me that will help secure our strong Islamic state.

I have thoroughly thought through the structure of the economic and social impact I would like for my Empire to leave on the world. I have spent so much money, I might just cause economic deprivation in Cairo, Mecca, and Medina! I have put over $1.5 Billion into circulation, which is about 71,000 lbs of gold! I myself, am worth about 400 Billion dollars, I bet even up to the year 2018, no one will exceed my wealth. My empire is already rich and powerful enough as it is, and the continent of Africa itself is the richest in diamonds, gold, and precious jewels in the world. We held plenty of wealth, way before I decide to go on my pilgrimage to Mecca. After building my trade centers, universities, and creating interactions, connections, and the vast amount of rich and powerful land that I have managed to conquer, Mali shall be the greatest, strongest, and richest empire to ever exist! I am truly, the greatest and richest King to ever live. My legacy shall live on forevermore, from the cold lands of Kievan Russia, to the warm lands of Spain, I shall be talked about for centuries after.

My astounding large assembly brought my wonderful empire of Mali, and myself, to the attention of Europeans and the Middle East. Perhaps they were envious of my lavish wealth and resources! Our journey lasted about 8 months and we traveled about 4828 km. We made many significant stops along the way, that I believe will change the way people view the Empire of Mali, and the continent of Africa. I was told by European cartographers that I would soon be drawn on the maps. I feel as if they will show and address me with pride and dignity.

I, Mansa Musa, am the greatest Sultan to ever live.  

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