Reflective Diary of your Daily Experiences

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Diary aim at giving a reflection of activities carried out in a chronological manner for the purpose of record keeping or storage for future references. This paper aims at giving my personal diary of the activities and the learning objectives I achieved at Tang Dynasty Restaurant while undertaking my attachment in addition to the assistant manager position I held at the same institution.

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“Reflective Diary of your Daily Experiences”

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Day 1 – 20th June 2016

Today was my first day at Tang Dynasty Restaurant, as a newcomer in the organization, the manager Mr. Chan took me around the institution premises to familiarize me with the normal operations of the organization and the key departments that facilitate those activities. Ultimately he issued an office for me from which I will be executing my managerial duty as assistant manager.

Day 2 – 24th June 2016

Today I help the manager who is my immediate supervisor handling the administrative paperwork on his office. The task enhanced my office management skills and throughout the activity, I learned that the restaurant had some weakness in record keeping. Some important files like the daily return for particulars days like weekends were missing. I assisted the manager by developing new criteria that will ensure that all files are kept updated.

Day 3 – 25th June 2016

In this day, the manager assigned a task to conduct a quick meeting to address the entire staffs of the strategic measures to enhance better restaurant performance. The activity seemed challenging to me being a new figure in the institution. I utilize the transformational theory of management to create an accommodative environment for all employees before airing out my planned reforms including a thorough record keeping (Avolio & Yammarino, 2013. Pg 56).

Day 4 – 26th June 2016

I reviewed the restaurant menu and made necessary adjustment where possible. My aim for this work was to make the menu appealing to the customer, and for that reason, I recommended the graphical change of the food item on the menu with a modern aesthetic graphics, I also made necessary price changes to accommodate more customers.

Day 5 – 27th June 2016

On this day, the manager gave me the reviewing the remunerations of employees since the month end was approaching. The wages for employees based on rank was incredible. In view with the required minimum wage, the standards were fairly above it. The manager told me to think of the employees’ proposal of allowance increment. Before further research, I suggested tokens based on the monthly returns.

Day 6 – 1st July 2016

I was assigned the duty to set the target for this month. To ascertain this, I had to review the previous set goals which had a range turnover of $ 4.7 million on a monthly basis. I set the target higher to $ 5 million with a fairly developed strategy to arrive at it. The manager was pleased and promised a token when the token become successful.

Day 7 – 2nd July 2016

On this day, the manager assigned the duty of planning for the forthcoming Singapore club party. I put everything in order and increased more reservation for the guest. I come to realize of the restaurant’s ability contrary to my expectation that it could not handle more than 5,000 guests. The party ended well, and the guests were pleased and promised to organize the same event in the following year.

Day 8 – 3rd July 2016

I prepared the inventory for ordering the supply since the restaurant’s stock was running low. With them manger’s assistance, I was able to learn the procedure applicable for ordering the amount which offers a basis for efficient, uniform and efficient performance regardless of the quantity of the item required.

Day 9 – 4th July 2016

Today I have entitled a task of liaising with the customers. To effect this, I had to prepare print out brochures which were to be issued to every customer attending the restaurant. Amazingly, the clients were happy about this and even commented that they have never seen it elsewhere. Majority promised to be part and parcel of the restaurant.

Day 10 – 8th July 2016

This day will remain in my memory forever; there was a conflict between the restaurant cleaners and the compound cleaners, the difference arises from the disposal of waste where the compound cleaners claimed that their counterparts were adding more waste to their work area. I engaged them in a talk and assigned them different disposal areas thus fully utilizing my contingency skills theory to resolve the matter (Mikes & Kaplan, 2014. Pg 8).

Day 11 – 9th July 2016

The manager entitled me a duty to address the staff in the general meeting. I must recognize my weakness, addressing a crowd of over 500 employees was not an easy task to me, I felt some shyness, but the manager motivated me that I could make it.

Day 12 – 10th July 2016

Today I helped the manager to develop the strategy for the forthcoming Indonesia embassy meeting. To start, we had to lias with the police and privately contacted company to ensure security. A special meal was planned for the occasion with several rooms reserved for the same.

Day 13 – 11th July 2016

The main activity of this day was to oversee the success of the Indonesia embassy meeting. All the planned activities were maintained and executed properly; the day ended successfully.

Day 14 – 15th July 2016

The manager assigned me the duty of reviewing the stock level, I must recommend the restaurant on this, and the previous records were explicitly elaborated and kept up to date.

Day 15 – 16th July 2016

Supervision of staffs was the day activity, I started with the catering department, I recognize that all the employees keep all the regulation performance. The improvement was mainly required in cleaning agencies.

Day 16 – 17th July 2016

In this day, I was tasked with the activity of keeping the financial records, the activity was tiring and had to get the support from the financial department, this aided me in developing my team work skills for a good job relations.

Day 17 – 18th July 2016

The day’s activity was designing a management strategy that would reflect the restaurant state in the next five years. I developed an appropriate action plan and submitted to the manager for perusal.

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