Food Waste: Facts, Statistics, Solution

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There are 10 facts you should know correction we should all know about wasting food. 1 fact is ? of food is produced goes to waste. About $1 trillion of annual food waste weighs 1.3 billion pounds. Fact 3 one billion hungry people could eat on less than a quarter of food that's been wasted in the US, UK, and Europe. Fact 4 China is the largest area that food is never hardly eaten Fact 5 25% of fresh water is used to grow the food that the people never. Fact 6 did you know if the country where food waste it would be the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and USA. Fact 7 in half the developed countries are mostly all food waste taken place in your home. Fact 8 the retail store is less than 2% total food waste. Fact 9 in your home food waste is worth 700 per year to the average of UK families ($2,275 in USA.) Fact 10 2.3 billion people are joining earth by 2050. That requires a 60-70% increase the global production of food. Or the easiest way is to JUST STOP THROWING AWAY GOOD FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The problem with wasting food is people buying food and forgetting they bought it then when it goes bad its a waste of even buying it. If you really want food get the food you will be eating not food you think you will eat. There are homeless people out there that could eat that food. But the more better part is we can also be half the solution. A staggering of $2,275 each year is of families equivalent in the US. My mother always told me to never waste food that homeless people could eat instead. I always hated the fact that food is expired and is wasted just because people are too stupid to know how to cook. I prefer to get the things i´ll be using soon that is not going to expire in a week or two. When I used to live in Milan Illinois I went to elementary in Thomas Jefferson, When it was lunchtime and you get milk and dont drink it you half to put it on the stand and not throw it away. I don't remember if we did that for food. I think Danville should do that too and with certain foods that havent been opened or used or eaten. The creatures that live in Freshwater is always hoping for survival for healthy lives. The most wasted food category is the fruits and veggies about 45% of that, roots and also tubers. Example from this website they say ¨The equivalent of 3.7 trillion apples and 1 billion bags of potatoes.¨ The farms on developing countries are losing more food and transportation in roads, refrigeration are slacking off. The choices you make in restaurants you should choose wisely and think you will like something new and not like it make sure you ask what they think about the food. Sometimes it can be a decrease in a accidental spill or spoiled food loss.

A lot of times the crime of food waste happens in our kitchen. In this website they say ¨water is about 21%, cropland is 18%, and fertilizer is 19% of food waste.¨ When farmers grow their crops a lot of times it badly goes to waste but the birds and mice usually take care of that job by eating the food. A lot of times people want to try something knew that's fine but if you don't like it try to give it to someone around you if you didn't take a bite out of it and just tore a piece off. Wasting food and throwing it out makes rats, stray dogs, and stray cats go looking into your garbage because they know you throw away food. When I see someone throwing something away that they could of asked me if i wanted it makes me angry because it could of been in someone else's stomach.

In my house I make sure there's nothing going expired, well I at least try. I try to make sure if there's a expiration date in a week or two on a food product I try finish eating it so it don´t go to waste. A lot people should start carining at least a little bit more about the food waste around the globe. When it comes to food waste you should stand up and fight do something about it. Food wasting is no joking matter it's destroying our planet. The people on the streets is really terrible when homeless people starve everyday while people sit there and waste food and don't realize what homeless people are trying to survive on. You should remember you can´t reuse food when you waste it.

If people think before you throw food away. Some thinks you can put in the freezer to last longer that's fine as long as your not wasting the food. The food people buy at stores should be what they want not what they think they will eat and not finish. When you cook something once and don't eat the amount you cooked I would put it back in the refrigerator and eat it next time you get it out if you eat in less than 2 weeks later. The water we waste affects our energy, production, packaging, and transporting the food. The limit of food I have at home is crazy until the bread is gone the next day when we just got it. That's my grandma she eats anything and everything that's food she will feed on food until there's nothing left. Americans waste about 150,000 tons of food each day. Americans that waste food all around the world are not realizing the purpose of our global society. I´m very reasonable with my family and friends if they throw something away that could be eaten.

A lot of times if you don't want to waste food don't feed something to your dog that's not good for it to eat. When you think of wasting food stop and think what you can do if it's still good. But if the food is moldy and gross throw it away and remember the next time you get it to eat before it goes bad. The food in this world is produced for us to live healthy and not starve. Starvation is the world's worst popular culture. The fact that people waste food is sick and unhealthy for people in the world. The popularity of food waste is bad in the United States.

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