The Little Shop of Horror and Macbeth

Do you know the differences and similarities in the book about Macbeth and the movie about The Little Shop Of Horrors? There are many differences and similarities in this essay about Macbeth and The Little Shop Of Horrors. Both of the stories provide great information because the details are given, shows and tells how all of the killing scenes went, and it gives you the suspension, to make you wanna know what is going to happen next. Here are the first differences between The Little Shop of Horrors and Macbeth.

The first difference would be how Macbeth killed the king of Scotland, and Seymour killed the railroad man just to feed his plant. Macbeth murdered King Duncan because some witches told him that one day he will become king. So he took it in his own hands to kill Duncan. Seymour killed the railroad man because his plant convinced him that he wanted blood and flesh. Both of them killed someone but it was for different reasons.

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The second difference is Macbeth had people kneeling before him not knowing what happened to King Duncan. Seymour did not know Mr. Mushnick seen him feed the body parts to the plant. Macbeth had people kneeling before him but the people did not know what happened to King Duncan because he killed him in his sleep while the lady Macbeth drugged the bodyguards. Seymour did not know that Mr. Mushnick saw him. The only reason how Mr.

Mushnick saw him was that he forgot his wallet. Macbeth and Seymour have hidden agendas. They do not think no one is going to catch them.

The third difference is Macbeth was told by witches that Macduff is a threat to his throne. Seymour was about to get a trophy until the faces popped up on the plant of how many people were fed to the plant and who they were. Macbeth knew that Macduff knew what really happened to King Duncan. So Macbeth took it upon himself and hires a murderer to kill Macduff’s family. He thought that killing Macduff’s family would cause Macduff to back down. Seymour felt guilty of what he did when Frankie and Joe caught on to who killed the railroad man and the dentist. So, Seymour ran and ran until he came upon a junkyard with lots and lots of toilets. They could not find him because he hid inside the toilets. They both have come to realization that what they did was wrong.

In conclusion, Macbeth and Seymour both killed others, had hidden agendas, and thought no one was going to catch them. They both knew that killing was wrong but they continued to do it because they felt that it was pleasing. It felt pleasing because no one knew what was happening at the time. The moral of this essay is that if you know that what your doing is wrong, do not continue doing it because it will come back to bite you in the butt.

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