Siddhartha Demonstrates an Eastern Pantheistic Monism

Siddhartha wants to find wisdom as a monk. He leaves his family and travels with Govinda to learn from wise monks who are in the forest over time Siddhartha dislikes the teachings and wants to learn more on his own. So he leaves Govinda behind who stays and learns from Gotama the buddha in the forest. Siddhartha then meets Kamala but she wants a man who is wealthy but because Siddhartha knows nothing about business he seeks advice and information from a local merchant who trains him. Siddhartha then wins over Kamala but soon loses pleasure and loses focus on Gambling and other women.

Siddhartha then leaves and meets Vasudeva who has found peace on the river who helps Siddhartha find inner peace. In the end, Siddhartha found enlightenment and shared it with Govinda. Siddhartha demonstrates an Eastern Pantheistic Monism worldview due to the way they acquire knowledge through meditating. This took place when Siddhartha was with Vasudeva who taught Siddhartha how to meditate and find inner peace at the river and basically escape what is going on around him like the facts he left Kamala with his kid. Siddhartha basically practices through yoga as well as good works like meditating.

The whole book references Brahman which is the Eastern Pantheistic Monism definition of inner peace.He also spends majority of the book finding his inner self. In EPM the person dying helped helped growth into who the person needed to be. Just like how a butterfly changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly after the cocoon stage. Which would then cause the new being to think completely different about previous situations.

Sadly, this took Siddhartha his whole life to figure out and after he had experienced life. In order to achieve true enlightenment, Siddhartha would have had to forget all of the lessons he once learned through Kamaswami as a merchant and through that became greedy of everything he had. It took him the whole book to understand that this would only come if he became another person which falls into the category of man in Eastern Pantheistic Monism because being only an observer of the body means it isn’t your life and that means for Siddhartha he would then need to die and become a new being and that took him his whole life to figure out.

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