Sex and Hate on Social Media

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Sex on social media is the exchange of materials that contain sexual contents between different people through social platforms especially the internet. Hate on the other hand, is the exchange of contents that promote violence which is based on the race, ethnic group, nationality, gender differences, ages, religious groups, or disabilities between various individuals especially through the internet and social platforms. Internet has made easier the scattering of information and conversation of throughout the world which has brought with it negative impacts on the sexual orientation and the quality of interactions of people with the youths in the society taking full control. This has brought a negative impact on the social norms of adolescents contributing to the risk of their behaviors resulting in life-long results that are consequential to them. The social media that make information about sex and hate include; television, music videos, videocassette recorders and the internet through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp among others. This essay will look into how sex and hate have been used in the social media and internet including some of the effects of the spread of this vices.

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“Sex and Hate on Social Media”

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Sex traffickers in the world use social media to get in touch with helpless youths and teenagers and eventually sell them into sex works where these youths are misused. These traffickers may use the teenagers to benefit themselves by making money by introducing the victims into acting sex with little or no pay or raping them to satisfy their bodily desires or selling them to other sex workers to use them in their businesses. Eventually the sex traffickers contact the relatives of these teenagers through social platforms demanding a lot of money from them in exchange for their children after misusing them. The mistreatment by these sex traffickers may cause body harm to the teenagers and youths through rape, psychological suffering or even physical injuries as they try to escape the mistreatment by the traffickers.

Hate has been spread through hate speeches in the social media and the internet throughout the world. Hate speech is the use of expressions that cause harm, incite people to hurt others or propagate dislike and disunity among different groups of people in the society. This expressions and comments contain racism, disregard the esteem and respect of other people, disregard the religion, gender, culture, age, and ethnicity of other people in the countries and world at large. This expressions may fuel discord among people and they may lead to bloodshed due to wars fuelled by the hate speeches (Paniagua & Sapena, 2014). This wars and disagreements may be between countries, different races, different religions, and so forth. Hate speeches are used to create disunity among people or countries in different parts of the world.

Hate speech has also been used by political leaders in social media and the internet to incite the citizens of a particular country against certain political parties in order to win their favor during the elections of the different leadership posts in the country. This is seen when elections approach as political leaders are trying to win more voters into their side (Paniagua & Sapena, 2014). They use messages designed to degrade, dishearten or incite people to political upheaval or biased actions against other people or another group of people based on their political affiliations or language. Social media platforms such as magazines, televisions, newspapers, radios among others are used to disperse this information to all parts of the country causing uncertainties such as demonstrations and violence which results into bloodshed and political instability in the country.

Sex in social media and internet has been used to promote same gender sex and marriages throughout the world. Homosexuality such as gayness and lesbianism has been promoted through social media and the internet through sale of movies, photos and videos that expose people of the same gender getting intimate through kisses, hugging, curdling or actual sex (Paniagua & Sapena, 2014). This has promoted this same gender marriages and sex in the society especially among the youths as this portrays this practice as one that is accepted in the world at large causing the vulnerable youths to adopt this behaviors in their life. This is evidenced by the practice of such behaviors in institutions such as primary, secondary, universities and colleges leading to moral decadence in this institutions.

Sex has also been used to campaign against the same sex marriages and sex around the world by researchers from different parts of the world (Paniagua & Sapena, 2014). This has been carried out by getting the views of different people from various parts of the world through social media by posing questions to people through social media and comparing the proposers and the people on the opposing side. Video clips, photos, and movies containing homosexuals are posted and the reactions of different people taken note of and recorded and examined. The statistics are then used to ascertain the stand of the people with regard to homosexuality in the society.

Hate groups have been formed in order to criticize high levels of immigration to different countries of the world. These groups molest individual people moving into other countries for permanent residence (Paniagua & Sapena, 2014). These groups spread racist messages aimed at influencing the opinions or the behavior of large numbers of people against immigrants. The hate groups also come up with theories that have no basis in facts in order to incite people against high levels of immigration. This propaganda has caused fear of foreigners in different countries in the world thus leading to the reduction of people moving into other countries to live there permanently. It has also led to deporting of people back into their countries and the killing of innocent people because of the fear of strangers and feeling of insecurity around strangers in other countries.

Hate has been used in the social media platforms and the internet to express hostility and bitterness towards certain religions such as the anti-Muslim hate groups (Lenhart, Purcell, Smith & Zickuhr, 2010). This group hold some conspiratorial views towards the Muslim community and exhibit extreme hatred towards them. They portray Muslims as nonsensical, not accommodating and not peaceful and their faith is seen as one for homosexuals and women without values common with the way of living of other people and one for violent politics rather than a religion. They see Islam as evil and unmovable religion and therefore they are bend to eliminate it (Lenhart, Purcell, Smith & Zickuhr, 2010). This has led to conflicts between this group and the Muslim community which has caused a lot of bloodshed.

Hate has been used in the social media to spread false ideologies which are anchored on racist beliefs that white people are better than people from other races in many ways and that the whites should rule all the other races in the rest of the world. The white supremacists are the leaders of this hate group and they oppose the Jews and the non-Protestants as their main enemies (Lenhart, (Purcell, Smith & Zickuhr, 2010). They hold their political, social, historical and institutional structures as being superior to those of the non-whites. This group also considers various specific racial and cultural groups as their primary enemies. This has led to discrimination of the non-whites in the world through the social media and the internet which has caused disunity among these groups.

In conclusion, sex and hate have been used in the social media and the internet to carry out various vices and virtues as discussed above. Sex has been used to campaign against homosexuality in the world, it has also been used to promote same gender sex and marriages and it has been used by sex traffickers to get in touch with vulnerable teenagers and introduce them into se work in different parts of the world. Hate on the other hand, has been spread through the social media using hate speeches against different groups of people, it has also been used by political leaders to incite people against rival political parties, more so, it has also been spread by anti-immigration hate groups through the social media and the internet, nevertheless, hate has been used through social media by the First Draft.

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