Questionnaire Product

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Introduction: The Zariez Tea Company has created a team that is designing and will administer a new development product. This is something that many customers have requested for some time now. In order to fulfill our design obligations in the best way, we are asking for all interested customer of Zariez Tea to answer the questions on this survey and to provide us with their opinions in these questionnaire sections following each category. We thank you in advance for your assistance. Please tick (the appropriate answer.

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“Questionnaire Product”

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  1. What age group are you in?) Under 20’s 20 – 25 Years old 26 – 30 Years old 31 -35 Years old 36 above 2
  2. What is your gender? Male Female
  3. What is your monthly income? RM 500 – RM 999 RM 1000 – RM 1499 RM 1500 – RM 1999 RM 2000 above Section A
  4. Have you heard about Zariez Tea Product? Yes No (If no, please proceed to Section B)
  5. How did you hear about this product? Friends Received an email letter Search engine Newspaper Press Release
  6. Where did you purchase Zariez Tea product? Grocery Store Hypermarket Supermarket Mail Order Online
  7. Compare to other Tea that produce in Malaysia, which were you prefer to use? Tea Boh Lipton Tea Slimming Tea
  8. Where did you usually use Zariez Tea product? Home Stall Office hostel
  9. The most important factor determining which Zariez Tea product you purchase? Price Quality product Convenience Brand name Taste / Aroma
  10. What do you prefer of Zariez Tea Product? Zariez Tea – Broken Orange Pekoe – 20 Packet Zariez Tea – 3 – 1 Tea Mix 30 Sachets pack Zariez Tangerine Tea 125gm Zariez Chamomile Tea 30 Packet Zariez Tea – Cameronian Gold 75 Tabs
  11. How many times do you buy Zariez Tea Product? everyday Once a week Once a month after one month
  12. During the past 30 days (one month), on how many days did you take a drink of Zariez Tea? 1 to 5 days 6 to 10 days) 11 to 15 days 16 to 20 days 20 days above.
  13. Do you satisfied with about our advertising in mass media? Yes No (If No, please proceed to question 15)
  14. Give us your comment on how to promote our product in mass media? We want to know info about our respondent satisfaction on Zariez Tea Product, please tick (on the appropriate answer below where did you agree with the statement. 1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neither agree nor disagree, 4 = agree, = strongly agree
  15. Do you satisfied with the price rate? 1 2 3 4 5
  16. Do you satisfied with the promotion made by the Zariez Tea compare to other brand tea? 1 2 3 4 5
  17. Do you frequently satisfied with their packaging? 1 2 3 4 5
  18. Do you satisfy with the place that Zariez Tea promotes? 1 2 3 4 5
  19. Give an opinion on how to improve Zariez Tea Product in the market?

Section B

  1. Do you prefer to use Zariez Tea Product in the future? Yes No
  2. If one of your best friends offered you a Zariez Tea, would you try it? Definitely not Probably not Probably yes Definitely yes
  3. If you want to use the product, which one do you prefer most? Zariez Tea – Broken Orange Pekoe – 20 Packet Zariez Tea – 3 – 1 Tea Mix
  4. Sachets pack Zariez Tangerine Tea 125gm Zariez Chamomile Tea 30 Packet Zariez Tea – Cameronian Gold 75 Tabs
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