Segregation of Women in the Work Environment

All through the historical backdrop of the world, separation in the sum total of what shapes has been a consistent fight; regardless of whether race, sex, religion, convictions, appearance or anything that makes one individual unique in relation to another, it happening ordinary. One type of separation issue is against women in the work environment. This form of disparity goes back for quite a long time and comes from the conviction that men accommodate women and women deal with the home and children, men consequently are more proficient in the vocation chosen. The definition of equality in the Declaration of Independence states that, all men are created equal (Encyclopedia Britannica). According to our constitution which suggests and says that men are created equal simply implies to men only. It was only on August 18th, 1920, that women were first given the right to vote (History). Women should and deserve the right be paid equally for the same jobs they possess in comparison to men. Women have always been seen inferior to men, jobs and occupations carried out by women rather than men tend to be paid less (Hesmondhalgh & Baker, 2015, p.25) and as a result it has impacted a woman’s self-worth and self-esteem.

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“Segregation of Women in the Work Environment”

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In Obama’s State of the Union Address, he mentioned that for every dollar a man earns a woman earns seventy-seven cents (Obama, 2014). Even our past President Barack Obama agrees that the idea of discrimination against women is still a problem. Presently, the acknowledgement that people can deliver similar outcomes, training, and ability to achieve an indistinguishable general undertaking from men is ending up more well-known.

However, the progressing issue of the part women have taken in the past has now turned into an undeniable issue in our general public today. In the past, women have been perceived as only the mother, and their job was to stay home, keep the house tidy, tend to the children and have a hot meal waiting for her husband. Women were generally not encouraged to become educated or work, this was the husband’s job. For instance, in Helen Watson’s book, Women in the City of the Dead it was frowned upon for women to work, Women view waged work as a necessary evil. They have to earn money to help feed the family but they fear that it interferes with their ‘real work’ of managing domestic affairs and looking after their children (Watson, 1992, p.7). Other countries across the world, as in Cairo, Egypt, women also have the preconceived notion that work is evil. Interestingly, Watson describes how women in Cairo viewed work as being a disgraceful task, because their husbands are then perceived as weak, and they cannot assume the role as the head of the household. Meanwhile, the women feel they are neglecting their role as a mother and caretaker. However, women today have now taken the role as the sole provider for the household while many men take on the role as the caretaker and mother figure.

In today’s society there are laws to help protect pay discrimination from happening. The Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex in the payment of wages or benefits (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Discrimination has been an issue ever since women have wanted place in the workforce, but unfortunately is still a problem in today’s society. Men and women shall never be treated equal due to the respect and sincerity in today’s world in which we see women, but there is no reason why a woman should continue to be paid less. If the woman is doing the same work as a man and even better, it should not be allowed for one to get a lower income.

Clearly, this type of separation is genuinely deceptive and inappropriate, yet now in our innovative society comparatively unavoidable. In the past year, many issues concerning the discrimination against women have been voiced all over the news and social media. These issues concerning the sexual harassment of women, which started the #metoo movement and the issue of women’s right in concern with abortion and contraception. These violations and limitations of women’s ability to feel safe and protected continue to be present. It is the hope and education of males to empower other males to respect the role and embodiment of a women. The claim I make is a more prominent measure of desire, a longing for women to continue giving the decade old generalization to be false; to accomplish the same amount of if not more than men. To be comparable one must request or demand balance and that starts at home as we raise our young men to be sensitive to a women’s battle. In summation, equality has not reached its fullest potential however, women are strong competitors of men in the working environment.

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