Going Green Can Save Ocean

In the United States, there are also ways to protect the citizens from dirty water and there is also acts put in place to protect the water, such as the Clean Water Act. There are more options and opportunities in the United States than in third world countries. A lot has to do with how much the population has raised as well as how much government action is taken. That is why there is a lot of pollution in other places just because there is not a law in place to fix the issue. The more humans wait around and continue to use the same amount of plastic covered products, the less of a chance there is to bring the planet Earth back to a healthy state. There are many steps humans can take in order to help the environment. Farmer’s markets can help with reducing the plastic that is used in produce.

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“Going Green Can Save Ocean”

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It also reduces the amount of plastic bags used for shopping and groceries. Purchasing a reusable bag can become beneficial for many necessary activities. Recycling is the best solution, not only is it removing plastic from the trash but also it can potentially save a lot of money. Also purchasing a reusable water bottle and filters for water can dramatically decrease the amount of plastic in the environment. Additionally, trying to go zero waste Doing these things and many more can help with decreasing pollution in the ocean caused by plastic. Recently there has been a lot of sea turtles dying due to plastic straws. Reducing the use of these and getting reusable straws can cause a dramatical change. For example, instead of using the plastic cups provided in Starbucks, the replacement can be mugs and reusable thermos. Going green can save an individual a lot of money, as well as the country.

It is a huge benefit to reduce plastic and there are actions already being taken. One of these benefits is the BPA Free plastics which have fewer toxins and are said to be safer for human use. There are many things being done in order to help clean up the Earth. Earth’s contamination is a huge problem and it could potential he affect us in the future. This is why it is best to take action now and to recycle plastics instead of polluting the Earth. In order to continue having a healthy planet, we need to take healthy actions and promote the green thumb. There are many things that can be done in order to do this and influence everyone else to do so as well.

This can also benefit the people living in their own countries to possibly improve their diet and state of living. It would be something beneficial for the developing countries who are currently struggling with possible water toxins found in their food and water sources. Which is why we should take care of the earth and all other living creatures cohabiting the Earth beside humans. By taking small actions such as picking up after ourselves brings us one step closer to a cleaner home.

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