Scrooge’s Life in “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens

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Scrooge was a deserted child and he was not invited by his fellow classmates. He was alone in the school when it was winter break. This show how isolated he was even from his family. He does get a break and is able to come home for good. In addition to he does gets a better Christmas later in life during his apprenticeship with Fezziwig. Mr. Fezziwig threw a party for the apprentices in the neighborhood and it was an amazing time. Another critical moment in his childhood to young adult life is when he starts being greedy and because of his greed his fianc?©e breaks off the engagement. This is crucial to how he lives out the rest of his life because from that point on he doesn’t find or want love again. His only mission in life is build up his wealth.

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“Scrooge’s Life in “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens”

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In the beginning of the book he is grumpy lonely and does not care much for people. He is cold hearted and does not appear to have emotions. Does not trust in things like happiness and kindness because he thinks they are not useful and not helpful. His main concern is about money and how much richer he can get. He likes to save money and gain money, but in during this he loses out on affection and love. Scrooge only uses his head to think and never uses his heart to make decisions. Only thinks about money and does not understand why people are happy about the holidays. Being a bookkeeper, he knows that people are in debt and cannot fathom why they rejoice during Christmas time, but instead be depressed about being poor and in debt. He is strongly against love and the idea of marriage based on love.

In contrast to Scrooge’s life situations and his past behavior he has become a different person. He is a happy man and is generous with his money. He greets people and truly delighted to see people. He buys coal to warm the place for his nephew and gives him a raise. Even goes to his nephews Christmas party provides them a turkey to have at this party. He uses his money finally and in a noble manner. Tiny Tim is able to live because of the assistance and wealth of Scrooge.

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