School Seems Almost Impossibly Expensive

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School seems almost impossibly expensive, and yet every year it tends to go up. Getting a degree is important for your future career, and applying for financial aid is always helpful, but it’s hard to understand how universities can set these sky-high prices. College tuition is indefinitely increasing every year while the yearly salary of a parent stays the same. One of the hardest decision a high school graduate faces is the decision between attending a community college or university. Over half the students attending a university show concern about paying for college. Students should be able to attend a 4-year college without the worry of being in thousands of dollars in debt. There are scholarships, grants and financial aid available, but not everyone has those options. Even though some students have the options of student loans and financial aid, with higher unemployment rates and tuition still rising paying off debt is getting harder each year.

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“School Seems Almost Impossibly Expensive”

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In the United States alone an average student loan is about $38,000. Countless amount of college graduates are paying back student loans from years ago, with no future of when the bills will stop coming. As many students high school chapter is coming to a close, many will be making a decision that will affect the future. For many students that decision will be to enroll in a college and attain a higher education. However, as tuition costs rise, students have to step back taking a second look at their options. For most community college is that second look for many because of the lower costs.

Community colleges used to have the reputation of being less academically serious, but over the years community colleges has changed the platform of higher education, adding more options for students to pursue a degree. Across the board community college is the most affordable. The tuition is half the price of university partly because they strip the cost of extracurricular sports and the living of on campus lifestyle. From personal experience attending Macomb has saved me over thousands of dollars towards my classes and books. I would like to attend Grand Valley university next year, but Macomb has allowed me to take my GED classes at a more affordable price. Although a community college doesn’t provide the luxuries of living the campus lifestyle that a university comes with, you are getting tuition and classes for a lesser value.

Turning 18 is exciting time for most teens, but with turning 18 comes major responsibility. Straight out of high school we are suppose to know the path of our lives, the career choice and where we will be headed in life. As estimated 20 to 50 percent of students enter college as undecided, and estimated of 75 percentage change their major at least once before graduation. The general career decision-making process, are based off of general interest, family, and peer influences. As a millenium in this generation we are told we are able to do anything we put our minds too, and if we wanted a high paying job a good education was required. Although a good education may be required overtime good interpreted into being expensive.

We are told throughout our lives universities are how you achieve the good education for the high paying job, but in reality we waste our money on classes we could be taking for half the prices at a community college. A university will give you the college experience but it won’t necessarily get you the job. Most employers don’t care where you got your degree, so attending a university might just leave you in debt. Classes sizes at a community college are a huge advantage, most class sizes range from 20-30 students making it easy to attain instructions and extra help from your professor. Unlike a Community at a university you are referred to as a number pilling into lecture halls having up to 100 students in each. Being an undecided major at a university you may be paying hundreds of dollars more for a GED class that may be half the price at a local college. From my experience I have friends attending a university paying for classes that add up to my full tuition of attending a community college. Although community colleges and university serve as the same purpose the differences in tuition are indefinitely the biggest difference.

Choosing a college means going to, an unfamiliar world of vast opportunities. Choosing between a university and community college can be the hardest decision for any student, but tuition is what makes the decision. College tuition is a hot topic today many use to not pay attention to the tuition to attend a college, but with rise of tuition prices going up everyone is noticing. Though some families are able to send their child to college without the help of financial aid or loans, but the amount of families is low compared to the families who need financial aid to attend college. Students who want to attend the 4- year university should be able to without the concern of how they are going to pay for the tuition.

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