Sad Problem that Can Affect Society

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Alcoholism, a sad problem that can affect society. A serious addiction that can be very dangerous. It causes many problems if you have this addiction. There is physical damage that I will discuss. Phycological damage that you can cause to your brain or the reasons why you might be drinking. Also emotional effects of alcoholism it is truly very harmful and sad that millions of people might be going through this. So, I will discuss about the causes and effects that alcoholism has on a person's wellbeing.

First the physical damage you do to your body by consuming alcohol. Consuming alcohol can cause cancer in the stomach, liver problems as well I have heard about this one a lot. People being hospitalized because of this growing pain in their stomach. Also, when consuming alcohol it interrupts the digestion of nutrients that your body needs to stay and be healthy. This alone should be a wakeup call to anyone that consumes alcohol more than just socially. Another bad thing about alcoholism also causes altercations with the body's movements I'm sure we are all familiar with how funny we think it is when someone is drunk and they cant stand up straight. Loss of appetite as well a big problem when to many drinks in the last thing you want is a bite to eat so you keep drinking which is bad because alcohol is a bunch of empty calories. All these bad physical consequences that I'm stating could cause your death if you drink alcohol in large quantities. Poisoning your body let alone your life like this is not worth they joy that you might consider to be drinking. You only get one life, one body, take care of it.

Psychological is other words why you might have this problem to begin with. For a lot of instances at the start of consuming alcohol it might make you feel joyful happy even, but if you drink more than you should it could cause depression and even anxiety. Family problems not wanting to deal with what's going on with your immediate family so you turn to alcohol to numb the pain. But then problems with the law can occur which is something extremely bad this can lead to violent outburst that create changes of behavior that is just terrible because its almost like a chain reaction. All these things are an uncomfortable situation just hearing about it.

Too many people believe they can handle their behavior and that they won't lose control or be affected when consuming alcohol. Alcohol can be very scary because of the fact that it changes your behaviors as I said before it can alter them and when people are under the influence of alcohol, they can make a decision that can be life changing. We all have heard of this one drinking and driving each year tremendous amounts of people are killed in drunk driving fatalities. This all means jail time, fines, suspensions, and even worse to all these, death. This all means legal effects that are caused by drinking and driving you'll definitely lose your drivers license for at least a year as well as a unlimited fine and imprisoned for up to six months all depends on the circumstances. The chance of taking your own life or even worse someone else's life on the fact that you just wanted to have a good time and have a few drinks is extremely serious. So please think before you drink and drive.

The emotional effects of alcoholism. These effects affect families all over the world and some families are broken because of this problem. Of course, this is the emotional part and it is just so sad to me that people can break what they had over a bottle. Alcoholism can take a toll on somebody's life it can cause a person to lose their family they literally have a family but they turn to the bottle why I don't understand. Also loss their job it can be by the person already having that addiction and people at the work place just cant take it anymore so they get fired which triggers more drinking. So they even loos their well-being in the process . It can lead to your downfall and depression. Very few people might get help with a push of a loved one, but others might just drive themselves to the end. It is not worth losing what you love over some drink.

Alcoholism the damage you do to yourself, the background on why you might drink, and the emotional effects that it can. Cause are the main effects I focused on. It can cause many problems in your wellbeing and in your daily life. Alcohol has bad results that affect one's health. It can alter changes in your behavior cause your depression and that can result in problems with your loved ones. Family, friends you are not the only person that causes harm by drinking you also affect the people you love. So please before you order that drink ask yourself Is it worth all You have?

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