Rite of Passage and Social Roles

Growing up, I considered graduating from college to be a huge step in one’s life. I always looked forward to my graduation, and that has been a motivation for me to work hard in school. I recently graduated from college, and I believe the event was life-changing for me. Graduation helped me view myself as a winner since I had managed to go through school and completed despite the challenges that I encountered along the way. Graduating also helped me realize that I am a go-getter thus I can manage to anything I set my mind up to. Those around me, especially my friends and family were very supportive all through my education, and they congratulated me for achieving the degree. My family believed that the fact that I managed to graduate college means that I can also manage to further my studies. That was a great encouragement since it helped me realize that they believe in me and they also trust that I can even manage to do better.

        Graduation comes with new roles. That is because this passage rite shows that one is fully ready to get into their career and start looking for work. I have always believed in being independent and graduating has been pushing me to move out of my parents, home and start living on my own. Of late I have had that huge urge to start living on my own since I believe that I am an adult now. My parents, however, believe that I should not rush anything.

        I believe that graduating creates some responsibilities. One of them is that I have to take life with a lot of seriousness. I believe this is the time when I am supposed to figure out my life. Another responsibility involves making sober and good decisions. That is because I have to ensure that I make the right decisions from now onwards. One of the responsibilities that is often overlooked in being an excellent example in the society. I feel like I am obliged to be the best in my society and thus I will try my best to be a good example.

        Graduating has contributed a lot regarding how I interact with other people. For example, my parents no longer consider me to be their little kid anymore, and thus we are interacting on a more mature level. My younger siblings, on the other hand, have started viewing me as their role model, and that has helped me gain more respect from them. I can now manage to interact with potential employers on a formal level, and thus I believe that graduating has helped in improving the interactions that I have with the people that are around me.

        As the chief editor of a magazine, there are various roles that I consider to be very important and they have been of great help to me in my employment. One of the roles is being a team leader. This is a role that is the most important since it helps in ensuring that I get to lead my team appropriately and that we manage to produce the best results together. The other role is cooperation. Cooperating with my colleagues in my line of work is very important since it has helped in ensuring that we manage to work together in everything that we do. Through cooperation, we have managed to help each other and also learn a lot from each other. Serving faithfully is also one of the roles that I have as an employee. I have always strived to ensure that I perform to my best and that my employer is satisfied with what I do.

        The main expectation of the roles is a good performance. In every workplace performance is considered to be very important and that is no different in my workplace. Through cooperation, we have managed to improve our performance and also learn the weaknesses that we have. We have also managed to learn from each other thus helping each other improve and get better as well. Being a team leader, I am expected to guide my team through and also oversee all the projects that are undertaken by the team. Therefore, that helps in determining whether I am a good leader as well. That also helps in showing whether I can be a role model to the people that I am leading.

        I am proud of these roles since they have helped in making me a better person and also making me better at what I do. For example, I have come to realize that working together with people has a positive impact on my performance and that has also helped me improve on how I interact and work with other people in general. I am also proud of being a team leader since it has helped in improving my leadership skills and that has also helped in improving my confidence. I am now confident in what I do, and I believe that I will continue improving.

        The roles have helped in changing my perceptions since they have helped me realize that being the best at what I do is not easy and that it requires a lot of commitment, hard work, and engaging with other people. The roles also act as a motivation for me to keep working hard since I believe that I still have a lot to learn and achieve.

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