George Orwell 1984 Passage Process Paper

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The main idea of “its all political” ties into the thought that every action or occurrence in this world is shaped from our past and present and shapes our future. Political ideas discussed in the passage were the thoughts on how formal government can alter lives living in a society, that rights and freedoms are at risk, and the idea that government can manipulate an individual's thoughts and ideas of the people. Bringing a main idea of that it is okay to question ways of life, and not to believe and follow everything that is told. Individuals have to have a mind of their own and not simply conform to the ways of society and politics.

“It’s all Political” captures the reader's attention by making them really focus on the meaning of the text, because not everything is as it seems. Politics is a hard and confusing topic and is manipulated by the government to influence the people and societies individuals live in. The tone established help readers understand the characters feelings towards the government and bring the sense of manipulation and coercion to the passage. The government instills a type of uncertainty against the world outside Oceania,

“The sealed world in which he lives would be broken, and the fear, hatred, and self-righteousness on which his morale depends might evaporate” and the people are choosing to believe what is simply being told to them. Individual’s must not simply follow, they must have a mind of their own it is what makes the world such a unique and diverse place. “He has forbidden the knowledge of foreign languages”, this mysterious tone brings questions of the government and how it is controlling and deciding what's best for the people. When really the idea and thought is revealed that maybe the government doesn’t know all, and the people need more of a say.No one can live in a confined world that is controlled, and restricted, one must experience new things and question ideals of government it's what makes the world so controversial and diverse today.

The passage also brings to light the fears presented by the citizens and that their freedoms and rights are at stake. Individuals were confirmed by the government and told what to do and how to live, “it is absolutely necessary to their structure that there should be no contact with foreigners, except, to a limited extent, with war prisoners and colored slaves.” The government is taking away the people’s right of life and the possibility of engaging in a world beyond, they are stuck inside the world of Oceania with no escape. We have freedom of speech, religion, and the rights to learn about more than the society we live in, “the average citizen of Oceania never sets eyes on a citizen of either Eurasia or Eastasia, and he has forbidden the knowledge of foreign languages.

” The government has instilled a sense of fear and and uncertainty of the world outside their society, controlling the loyalty of Oceania’s citizens. People have the right to believe and learn new and more things then what is simply shown to them in their community. It’s how the world spreads culture and knowledge around the globe and makes individuals unique and not conform to such a simple and controlled life. There is power in knowledge, and it is vital to society in creating individuality and uniqueness in the world.

Government in Oceania altered the livelihood of its people as presented in the passage through the use of irony. The government instilled the idea of, “war is peace” and that fighting between the neighboring countries would bring this idea of, “peace” and ease to the society. The people follow with a blind eye, “it is a warfare of limited aims between combatants who are unable to destroy one another” not knowing that the government has put them in a war that may or will never end. These ironical examples are seen by the readers of the passage and illustrate the ignorance of the people and the powerful structures of the government and how it alters life in the society they live in. Blindly following an idea or a government may not always be the best choice, it is okay to question facts of life and ideals of government. Having a mind of your own doesn’t make you an outsider or a traitor, it gives the world new points of view so that we may all one day live in a world of peace and harmony.

Government can alter lives living in a society or effect the rights and freedoms that individuals hold, and also manipulate an individual's thoughts and beliefs. These themes are seen through the idea of “its all political”. Also they display the universal idea of that it is okay to not conform but to believe in what you want, and live life how you choose. You are your own person, and are in control of your own life, and you can either live it how you choose or conform to the ways of a robotic, mindless society. 

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