Rising Divorce Rate

Humans are made to be live in Couple We all know that basic and most common sentence used for human society. More or less every culture accepts this thing. Well since last so many years (one can say when human didn’t know about human phycology even) men living with women. As the societies grew we gave the name to that bond, where a man lives his entire life with women and vice versa, called Marriage. Developed society gave Marriage a Legal status. Legal definition of marriage may very country to country and society to society. Marriage itself is joyful word in first look. Indeed there are so many aspects that will lead a human to marry. Thinking of getting married is exciting. One can count thousand good points for getting married, But There is one thing which is stick to marriage like curse since the starting of it. That is Divorce Breaking up of Marriage, Couples getting separated, that is divorce. Now let’s think Why Divorce, Whey the ratio of it is increasing day by day in our society.

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“Rising Divorce Rate”

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I have here few points in that concern, some of which are very common since starting but some which are surprising reason of divorce in modern society. Most common reason of divorce is, two people are not comfortable with the way they live, most of the time this happens in the early stage of marriage may be between 6 to 12 months only. Hurrying up in getting married is also one of the most common reasons of divorce. That is also the situation where you don’t get enough time to know your partner. Now let’s move ahead where people spend enough time in marriage than also they get separated, here most common reason is extra marital affair. We all know what it is but thing is why. After spending enough time though, here the most common factor is difference of interest; men want something else after a certain stage and same is the case for women. Sometimes it can be economical condition of men that leads women to get separated. Child or Children, they can be the reason like where men don’t take proper care of their kiddo or in some cases women does that too.

So these were the very common and well known reason for divorce, they were and they will always be good percentage of reason in divorce. Now let’s focus on some of the surprising and wired (to some people) reasons why marriages are braking more often in today’s world than it happen before. Sex LifeThis reason can change whole life at a large rather than marriage life. People are getting more sex addicted than before, reasons easy availability of 3Ps (porn, pimps and prostitutes). They lead people to have sex with more than a single partner (we can run horses of your imagination), and the habit of same can destroy once marriage life. Internet Dating: This is the place where you can lie as much as you want if the person you talking to is far from you. Some couples get marry via internet dating sites, in these cases there are more chances of getting cheated in marriage, you never know that the other fellow is already divorced or mother/father or getting married 2nd or 3rd time, these things can break current marriage if come out at later stage. Live Free: Now this is the point where someone will hardly find negativity, two people getting separated from each other at good note, just because they want to be free and single again. This can sound wired to some people but yes now a days people are getting married with mutual consent just to get experience of marriage life. There by get separate, now these couple may stay together after divorce as well.

Change in SexThis is one more reason which is leading divorce now a days. A man becoming interested in men and same for women, this is no harm to any one in marriage but a sex change can completely change entire life as well. One is left with no choice to get divorced if other fellow does a sex change until and unless the one is also feeling same. Celebs: Some people are so obsessed with celebs life that they also want to do what they do, sounds wired but we all know one case of a famous singer getting divorced overnight only after few hours of marriage. That really effect the youth following them, by watching such things they also don’t hesitate in getting divorced without thinking.

Polyamory & Other Group Marriage Society: These can be much wired for some people, but yes now a day other types of marriage other than normal one where there are men is allowed to have multiple women as wives and same is the case with women. If one of the fellow form normal married couple is attracted to such married life normal marriage can get broken up. Nut Cell: Now here I am giving some more reasons in a nut cell why divorce rate is getting high, early marriages, getting married to different society people, like different culture or country , want of child in some cases , easy availability of partners even after divorce, more of a work and less of a family time. So these were the reasons I find fit to see as a major reasons behind Rising Divorce Rate. Some People say that Marriages are made in Heaven, if it is so I wish Divorces were only for Devil. Never leave your loved once until and unless it’s very necessary.

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