Review of a Good Man is Hard to Find

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Throughout the entirety of the article moral is the main focal point that William Bonney keeps coming back to he believes that OConnor marks moral structure as the center of the sequence of tales and serves as a means to paint the picture of good versus evil. As it pertains to A Good Man Is Hard To Find it shows a motive and means into how a human can, betray oner’s own and anotherr’s humanity. Toward the end of the story it seem as if the grandmother is coming to grips with her own moral kinship with the criminal, Yet the misfit passes judgement upon his victim with no sense of moral structure. This is precisely what the article is trying to explain Our Moral Character is built by the choices we make and the actions we perform.

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“Review of a Good Man is Hard to Find”

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Author William Bonney Stated In his article although he is a murderer, the Misfit is the only character in the story with any sense of what it means to ask morally serious questions about human experience, and the quality makes him remotely connotative of the eternal misfit, Christ. In many ways moral structure is the result of many different factors such as family, church, society, school, est. Flannery OConnor like to add a touch of spirituality to her stories, with A good man is hard to find it seem as though she is using the Christ to paint the picture of the story to teach a moral lesson. The article expresses the grandmother as manipulative and moralistic and in many way she was especially when she did things such as bribing her granddaughter, inciting the children to disrespect their father, not telling the truth about the old house with the secret panel, When the misfit stated Christ didnt raise the dead and in a effort to ingratiate herself with the agnostic the misfit said maybe he didnt raise the dead her own moral compass seems conflicted. While the Misfit seems as if he lost all sense of his motility and now feel that because of all the things he when through in his life he is morally obligated to commit these heinous crimes. As these two characters have this conversation it seems as if the misfit is realizing that his moral structure is a result of the choices he made or other made that guided him to that moment.

A Good Man Is Hard To Find written by Flannery OConnor is about a family who are on there way out for a vacation and run into a famous killer named the Misfit, who along with a couple other criminals have broken out of Jail. The Misfit along with his co-conspirator toward the end of the story end up killing the family in the woods. The climax of the story is the conversation between the grandmother and the Misfit, the grandmother is trying to argue for her life by explaining to the killing that at some point he was a good more that was turned down the wrong path. While the Misfit questions the grandmother about human experience that can turn a good person into a bad one. Author William Bonney in his Academic Journal wrote about the moral structure of Flannery OConnorr’s A good man is hard to find in this paper I discuss the moral structure of the grandmother & Misfit, Our Moral Character is built by the choices we make and the actions we perform.

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