A Review of TheTheatrical Performance Portrayal of Sojourner Truth

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Portrayal of Sojourner The truth was truly a joy

Sojourner Truth: Freedom's Messenger was written and performed by an extraordinary woman named Kemba. The theatrical performance was a portrayal of the life of Sojourner Truth. The overall theme was a reflection of the resilience of the human spirit despite adversity. For the purposes of this review, although a program is required, there were none available at the performance.

The only character in Messenger was Sojourner Truth, played by Kemba. Sojourner, in the setting of the performance, was an elderly woman. Through the entire performance, Sojourner addressed the audience as if we were guests in her home. It is assumed that the setting was at her home because the stage design consisted exclusively of an old rocking chair. Sojourner, addressing the audience, told stories from her childhood while enslaved in the South. She reminisced about her family, which she was separated from due to the slave trade. She also talked about her escape from enslavement. Sojourner, of course, gave a reenactment of her famous speech, Ain't I a Woman?" The performance and the costume were so real that I was momentarily taken back in time to Sojourner's living room. The dialogue was periodically interrupted by Sojourner singing old spirituals. It took a moment to adjust, but after a while, the dialogue and singing joined in a wonderful rhythmic synt!hesis.

There were several points in Sojourner's life that were filled with horror and hardship. Despite all of that, she continued her activism against slavery and for women's rights. Though the setting of the play was during the late nineteenth century, the timeliness of its theme—the resilience of the human spirit in spite of adversity—has universal implications.

This interactive theatergoing experience was unlike any other I have ever had before. The performance by Kemba was so powerful. She motivated people to get involved in the performance by asking the audience to sing with her at times. After the performance, Kemba had a brief question and answer session. People asked Kemba a wide range of questions, such as where she had gotten the inspiration to write and perform a portrayal of Sojourner Truth. During this time, Kemba reflected on her own life and described her primary inspiration, her grandmother. If Kemba ever comes to an area in which I reside, I will definitely go to see her work again. And extraordinary woman named Kemba.

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