A Review of Red Badge of Courage

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The red badge of courage is written by Stephen Crane. This wonderful novel is published by touch stone classic in 1895 The red badge of courage is a really good book for anyone that loves a good realistic fiction novel based on the struggles of war.this book is also a very accurate representation of what the civil war might of been like.he book takes place in an unnamed civil war battle the author, Stephen Crane did not used a specific battle or time period. The story starts off by introducing Henry Fleming and his 304th regiment from new york. Jim Conklin is a tall soldier that tells others that he overheard the general saying they, in the near future might be going to war. Some soldiers in the 304th regiment didn’t believe the news and started to not like the infantryman because they would try to guess what was happening. Henry Fleming gets excited for battle. Henry Fleming enlisted behind his moms back. he had enlisted against his mother’s will.he began story feel scared of the thought of war. When the regiment went to war they were in position and all Henry could think about is finding a way to get out of the war.

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The enemy started to attack his regiment and Henry flees. After the attack Henry finds a dead body and gets scared so he runs and joins a large group of retreating wounded soldiers. He was walking next to a badly injured man and the man started to question his disability. Henry felt bad because the man was hurt and Henry wasn’t so Henry tried to get away from Him. Henry started to think that was a simple of pride and he wanted his out injury to show his courageousness. He called the wound the red badge of courage. Henry gets injured by a fellow soldier while he was trying to escape. After his head healed up he was ready to fight. When his regiment returned to battle Henry went crazy shooting at everything. People even were stunned with his courage. He heard people talk badly about his regeneration and got mad and was going to prove them wrong.

On one of there last battles there color guard was killed so Henry took the regiments flag and carried it himself. His last fight is when he was sent to overwhelm the enemy soldiers and a man by the name of Wilson captured the bad guys flag. On the way back Henry fills guilty but comes to terms with himself and lived in solitude.


Henry Fleming: is the main character in this novel. He has manny struggles in this story of war.The strategic ways of war led Henry to the combat zone. When he joined the union force, he immediately became scared and he felt as if he should run away. He tried to find ways to get off the feild of battle. The author describes Henry as a young soldier. At the start of the book Henry Fleming is mad at himself because he was such a coward. Henry became more courageous as the book goes on and finally gets on the battle feild.As he gazed around him the youth felt a flash of astonishment at the blue, pure sky and the sun gleaming on the trees and fields. It was surprising that Nature had gone tranquilly on with her golden process in the midst of so much devilment. (Ch.5, p. 50.) when Henry sees the courage of his fellow troops he gets jealous of them and wants to become what they were.”At times he regarded the wounded soldiers in an envious way. He conceived persons with torn bodies to be peculiarly happy. He wished that he, too, had a wound, a red badge of courage.” (Chapter 9, pg. 55). 

The people in his regiment get upset that he is such a coward and they talk badly about him. In the darkness he saw visions of a thousand-tongued fear that would babble at his back and cause him to flee, while others were going coolly about their country’s business. (Narrator, Chapter 2) Henry dislikes the badly injured man because he keeped asking him about his injuries. Henry wants to receive an injury and wants to be the leader of his regiment.He wished that he, too, had a wound, a red badge of courage. (Narrator, Chapter 9) Henry’s only weakness is his cowardness and how it was shown is when he desperately wanted to get away from the field of battle.It had suddenly appeared to him that perhaps in a battle he might run. (Narrator, Chapter 1) I think that personality I think the author developed the Character very well because of the amount of detail That was in the story to built his character.The youth perceived that the time had come. He was about to be measured. For a moment, he felt in the face of his great trial like a babe, and the flesh over his heart seemed very thin. (Narrator, Chapter 3) 

The author did not write about any religious beliefs and Henry discovered later on in the book that it wasn’t right for him to not do any of the fighting. And instead do whatever he could to fight along side of his fellow soldiers. It is a temporary but sublime absence of selfishness. (Narrator, Chapter 19) I think that some of Henry’s Traits apply to me as well because at the beginning of the book he was scared once he was face-to-face with battle but towards the end he overcame that and was very courageous how that applies to me is sometimes I am scared of something new or something they’re not familiar with but once I start doing it I get very used to it very quickly. Overall I would definitely become friends with Henry Fleming because of all the things he had to overcome and some of the stuff that happened tell them achieve his courage would definitely help me overcome some stuff in my life.

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