Report – Evaluation of Two Visitor Information Centres

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Mostly, people visiting a new place may be as normal visitors of even tourists may need assistance on the best way to go especially in their general interactions with people of that country. They may also need guidance on the hotels to visit, the best places to book for accommodations and also different maps to different destinations according to the schedules during the visit. Visitor information centers, therefore, serve as the best access points for these important details so as to give clear guidance to the visitors and ensure that they meet their visit targets, (Gross, & Brown, 2006). This evaluation, therefore, targets on evaluating the services offered in two visitor information centers and to reveal the difference in the way they offer services to the people visiting them for such guidelines. The two visitor information centers to be evaluated therefore are; The Adelaide Visitor Information Centre and the McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Visitor Information Centre. This evaluation will be meant to compare the services offered at the two visitor information centers and their convenience to the visiting tourists. Therefore the type of services offered and the level at which the two centers operate will be majorly the guiding factors towards achieving the desired goal of the evaluation.

To begin with, in the Adelaide visitor information center, assistance was offered to the local visitors, interstate, and people visiting from the overseas and whereby this information center is packaged with people with a lot of knowledge serving in both the offices and also in providing services such the tour guidelines. These staffs give the visitors directions, maps as well as event guide or even help them to plan for their journeys so as to make their best out of their time in the place. Since getting into a better position to know a city or even a new place can take time even when one has been equipped with the best research and planning, one may find the need to seek for guidance or even extra help on the same from a knowledgeable and a well-informed person and which probably should be a local from that place (Fesenmaier, 1994). This is majorly the reason why Adelaide visitor information center has worked tirelessly to ensure the effectiveness of their services to the visitors in need of any information concerning the country and the possible areas of visitation.

On the other hand, McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Visitor information center reveals its effectiveness through providing a better starting point for one to begin their exploration of the international region. This information center is fully accredited for this business as it provides excellence in the field of visitor servicing and they have very friendly volunteer staff which has given its full commitment and attention to ensuring that visitors coming to their country through the McLaren Vale information center are comfortable and make their best out of the trip. They, therefore, provide reliable accommodation services to the visiting tourists, information, and advice as well (Gross, & Brown, 2006). They also help their visitors and help them view the ever varying exhibitions and displays or have an access to their gift shops which is packaged with a wide variety of the local produce. The effectiveness of this cafe is also revealed by the fact that it's located in the center which therefore creates a great opportunity to have a test on the feeling of visiting some of these regions. The friendly and knowledgeable staff have a very good local understanding and therefore help one in finding fun things for the moments spent there to be great and memorable. They also have gardens where kids can play as one keeps a close eye on their movements.

From a customer's perspective, these two sites may differ in a way as they have different levels of services offered. The products provided as well may bring their difference to a greater extent. On the basis of these considerations of the services offered between the two and making their comparisons, the customers settle at a particular on which site to visit for the information. Their effectiveness as well may count and the type of staff employed to take care of the visitor's needs during their trips. Therefore, in the case of the Adelaide information center, they offer a free guided walk by their knowledgeable staff around the place. This is normally referred to as the first steps and therefore serve as an introduction to the visitors so as to have a knowledge of the city before they proceed to their sites of interest (Fesenmaier, 1994). During these introduction steps in the free walk, the guiding staff highlight several important aspects of the city such as the major attraction sites, public means of transport around and where to access them, also, the current events in different attraction sites so as to enable the visitor to make informed decisions on the best places to visit. There is also a variety of free computers for the visitors to use and where they can even book most of the services online including their accommodation and may be travel documents, something which is a great privilege on the customer's perspective and may, therefore, motivate them towards frequently visiting this specific information center.

On the contrary, the McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Visitor information center provide their services to prove their effectiveness towards the customer's needs in their own way and give the visitors a better starting point to their exploration in the city and the attraction sites. They have also ensured a friendly and knowledgeable staff which provides up to date information and the prevailing trends in the various attraction sites. Additionally, they have an added advantage at their customer's disposal whereby they offer accommodation and booking services for their customer's holiday meetings and refreshment needs, with ever changing and updated art exhibitions as well as displays stocked with a variety of local products (Tripp and Great house, 1995). Moreover, in the case whereby the visitors have kids, there is a provision of safe gardens where they can play within the reach of the parents so as to keep an eye on them as they enjoy themselves at the same time. Their cafes menu offer a variety and a reliable good choice of meals for their visitors at any time. Therefore, according to the opinions of the customers who have ever visited these sites, the experience is such a wonderful one as the place has been accredited with being a wealth of information and more so extra services which favor the interests of their customers in so many ways. These centers, therefore, are turning to be more beneficial and making the issue of tourism easy hence reducing chances and risks of visitors getting stranded or may be losing their target in their exploration moments.

The customers in the city of Adelaide can take a time to be fully comprehended. It's only the knowledgeable locals who are in a position to give aid to any person who wants more information about the prestigious Adelaide center. Despite the people's planning and though research, it can be noted that the customers in Adelaide Center are both tourist based and partly based because the center is multi-purposeful and the locals have to benefit too just like the visitors. The tourists who get the opportunity of visiting the place have the opportunity to enjoy the many attractions and landmarks in the scenery (Australia, 2017).

The tourists also are able to tour through the neighborhood of Glenelg because the place richly matches the needs of any curious tourist. The visitors who normally visit the scenery mainly can use different means of transport including air, bus or train. When the visitors use the air transport, they can reach the airport which is only 7kilometres from the town and only 15minutes when using an express bus. Buses from the Adelaide central bus station have their operation from 6 to 9 pm. This normally occurs for the buses that service the interstate areas and regional destinations. For those who prefer using the train means, they normally book their tickets through the great southern rail.

The presence of classic eclectic restaurants and well stocked vibrant cafes which are accompanied by a great series of a scene of events make the place brilliant to visit. The visitors who manage to come to the place have a variety of things to do depending on their style of choice and priority. Another great thing about the Analeide scenery is its nature of accessibility. This actually attracts many as it increases the convenience of being in the place. Visitors always have fun in plenty as they enjoy themselves in the place since they can eat, drink and step into the real fun. This makes the Centre provide the visitors with an excellent range of tourisms enjoyment (Davis, 2017).

It's notable from reliable sources that Adelaide's is managed by a group of volunteers who are ever ready to assist you with assistance ranging from brochures, directions, maps, journey planning and even maps that can help you as a tourist to make use of most of your time in the addition, there is free push hire and wheelchair available for any interested individual. A 30-45minutes walk of orientation is also available when you venture in Alenaide. This walk serves as an introduction to take one around several places in the scenery and as it highlights many visitors to the city and at the same time introducing many visitors to the city. The public-sector and current events are also highlighted in the awesome orientation walk (Moreton-Robinson, 2017).

A range of tourism information which is excellent is provided in Adelaide and South Australia. The staff who manage the visitor information center also offer t free introduction to the points of interest which are key in Adelaide. The staff of Adelaide is voluntary mainly because they are interested in helping people and also because of there a lot of benefits at the personal level that comes as a result of volunteering. Also, whenever you make a call at the information Centre, the volunteers are always available to provide any necessary assistance and offer any help when needed. Despite the fact that some people have always been uncomfortable that volunteers benefit from the free work they do, but according to the volunteers motive their main motive is to always serve others selflessly. They don't aim at giving their expertise for an exchange of material gain but for reaching those can't be able to afford (Moreton-Robinson, 2017).

The customer experience in Adelaide, however, differs among different tourist since people have different tastes and preferences. In Adelaide tourist and information Centre, there are various avenues of attraction that can accommodate all needs of the visiting people or the tourists. There are the wine capital and the Australian food which have become a point of focus for most visitors due to its exciting nature and the superb climate. There is also the recent emergence of the festivals and night scene in the promising and the gorgeous land. This makes a trip to Adelaide a story to narrate for those aspiring to be there. The Victoria Square in the central Adelaide makes it the most significant landmark in the southern Australia with the several buildings and beautiful courts around the place.

There is also improved and customized services for the visitors in Adelaide. Therefore, once the customers arrive at the information Centre, they are able to get warm experience which can help them from the beginning to the end. A management relationship system has been put in place to enable quick identification of customers by easily noting their primary needs and doing a recommendation of what services match their additional profile. This makes the customer service both productive and efficient which in turn makes the customers enjoy better services hence boosting their satisfaction.

Well catered for accommodation and also places to stay for those tourists who wants to take a bit longer time in the land are also available. The places for accommodation have serviced apartments, hotels, holiday houses, luxury beds and foodstuffs. The visitor information centers make the place more convenient to visit. One is able to find out more about the tourist center through the tourist maps, brochures, and the friendly and well-trained staff that voluntarily serve the visitors in a very welcoming way (Australia, 2017).

Despite all these advantages of having a good experience in the land of Adelaide, there are several things that are recommended to be done to make the services more reliable and begin with, the center needs through expansion because it smaller compared to the massive number of tourists who find their way in the scenery. The visitor center is smaller and one can easily miss the place .Also, the number of tour guides for showing the tourists around and other visitors need to be increased so as to boost the service delivery and make the effectiveness of the tourists time in the center be maximized. The customer service too needs to maintain or improve their method of handling visitors .The comments from the tourist are very positive and inspiring and this boosts the image of the Centre (Davis, 2017).

The visitors always have a good time and lovely moments with the well-structured group the volunteering personalities. If these issues are considered as recommended by many, Adelaide will maintain its standards of being the major tourist and information center in that part of the world. The experience of the visitors and people who have been there before can always give a testimony of the good times they had in scenery and have many reasons to go back and have a test of what they encountered one more time.

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