Subculture has Many Different Beliefs

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Their subculture has many different beliefs than dominant cultures. One belief is that marijuana use is growing rapidly around the world and that the fight against drugs is a failure. This is one of their most powerful beliefs. If the government were to wage a war on drugs, it would be expensive, and the government maintained a high tax rate on marijuana. They think marijuana should be used with respect and responsibility. Many marijuana smokers feel that teenagers abuse to smoke marijuana because they act like irresponsibly. Another strong belief is that the pot is relatively less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes.

The last major belief is that marijuana should be illegal and people should be free to grow and consume it in their own countries. Part of this is true in California, where marijuana is deprived of illegality. People who have American citizenship can smoke marijuana without legal punishment. People who smoke marijuana have certain etiquette that they have to follow. I found tons of the rules but I sorted out six of these. The six of rules are: 1. Bring your own to share. 2. Don't hassle someone who doesn't want to consume. 3. If you can't roll a joint, be honest about it. 4. Whoever rolls the joint or blunt should spark it. 5. Don't torch the bowl. 6. Pass the Dutch to the left-hand-side. These are unwritten rules that must be followed by their cultural values.

These manners vary from country to country but are basically the same. The main reason people smoke pots is to feel comfortable helping them get rid of the stresses from their daily lives. My friend, Jacob, said, Smoking marijuana allows me to see my life as an ongoing whole. I took a step back from my daily worries and said that by temporarily removing myself, a few of my worries are not as important as I thought." Jacob said he smokes to relax or seek inspiration. For another example, music also plays a big role in consuming marijuana. Smokers argue that music is better when it is high. As television and movies, they look cleaner and more fun. According to the smokers' said that social smoking makes other people better understand and often promotes intimate exchanges. And don't forget the snacks. The desire to eat is a direct result of smoking and may be the closest to a universal reaction to marijuana. These are especially common among smokers. The rest of society feel uncomputable with marijuana smokers.

There are many anti-drug activists who want to push stricter drug laws and stop using illegal drugs altogether. Society has pushed for a stereotype that smokers believe it is "blabbing" and very true. But smokers don't want to be associated with the stereotype of a "false". Dominant cultures assume smokers are useless, lazy, and uneducated idiots. Some people just use marijuana for stress relief and entertainment. First, this cannot be true because there are countless marijuana smokers who successfully keep their habits secret. People who use marijuana do not view the rest of society negatively. They relate and form a bond with the whole culture as ordinary people did. Marijuana smokers are subculture for the reasons described earlier. They share values and beliefs that are different from the rest of cultures. For example, they have their own cultural characteristics, beliefs, values, and languages, and they use them well in unifying their own culture. Marijuana users may not care about society, but they also listen to society. I think maybe someday marijuana use will not frown. All of these areas that I have investigated and felt form a subculture of marijuana.

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