Reasons of Indoor Air Pollution

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Air pollution is a big enough problem due to the pollution cars and factories put out, en indoors. as well as pollution humans cause. A problem that has been forming and growing for decades now, is the type of pollution that happens indoors. Humans and household appliances, are the source of the issue. The more implements that can be found in houses, the more pollution that be could be happening. But there are different kinds of air pollution.

Cooking foods improperly or with more of an ingredient, example, cooking oil, can cause pollution in household air. Especially if grilling or frying said meals, this can be present. Using stoves or open fires as well can produce toxic fumes that mix with the air, which can be dangerous for human lungs and even animals. These run and feed off of chemical elements like kerosene, biomass, and coal. Even matter such animal manure or crop waste , they can burn off. 3 billion people use or prepare food using bad methods that increase the air being polluted.

Products that contain harmful chemicals like oven and dryer cleaners, floor polish, paint thinners, and grease, dust removers. Even pleasure products such as hairspray and art/craft supplies contain or are made up of complete chemicals. They can harm or even mean death if breathed, ingested, come into any physical contact, externally or internally. Although one human may react or respond more than one way, depending on their immune system or how their body may handle the reaction. Also can vary on how much of said chemicals they were exposed to or inhaled. Birth defects can occur in babies whose mother maye have had connection to these unsafe ingredients, like found in hairspray.

Smoking tobacco yourself is bad enough, especially without having to breathe or inhale secondhand smoke from another person smoking tobacco. Smoking is both a danger to humans, but to the air that keeps us alive. Secondhand smoke is a well known issue that plays a huge part in air pollution itself, as it does indoor air pollution. Frequent and severe asthma attacks for peoples who have and can develop Asthma from secondhand smoke. Pollution from cigarettes is, 10 times greater than the pollution from diesel car exhaust. Lung cancer can not just happen in adults who have smoked, but who have never even picked up a cigarette in their life. Just breathing in the the smoke they have breathed,then your breathing it in for the second time, even more awful.

Polishes and Varnishes such as furniture polish/varnish can be one of the main accounts and cause of indoor pollution. The chemicals is these products for cleaning and touching up furniture can be dangerous. Especially if too much is used and is allowed to rise and fester in the air. Face, eyes, and body, meaning keep them away from coming in contact with your face, eyes, or body. Volatile Organic Compound(VOC), stopped being manufactured since January 1st of 2010. Sales discontinued the following year, January 1st, 2011.

Lead can be another #1 cause of the air and its pollution happening. It is a natural element of the earth that can be found. Major problem with using lead in manufacturing products for inside use, is there is no secure or safe amount of exposure to lead. Lead-related effects that come with being exposed to too much lead are irreversible, meaning the damage that could or may occur. Added to as much as gasoline, paints, water pipes, ceramic glazers, and even manure, in United State's past history. We, the people of earth, have been, as early as the 1970's, to eliminate the use of lead in gasoline and paints, reducing the level of air pollution that may or has happened from those alone. Paints especially, because in houses in America, built before 1978, there is evidence of lead in older paints. But going back to today, if paint can be left unchanged by humans and just kept up and the condition t should be, makes lead in paints as hazardous to our health and well being. It is when paint on houses and barns, when the coats of paint are not repainted for while, as in years, is when it becomes an issue of health. Left chipped, declining, an fading, is when the paint on the walls, roof, and floors, dust comes of this condition. This dust, chips, or even particles that are floating, mixing in with the air, is when you can inhale it and can become a matter of life or death. Especially if there is a huge quantity of it just lying around, molding and deteriorating.

Asbestos used in the building of houses, definitely one of the number one killers of fresh, clean, pure air. The name Asbestos is the name for fibrous minerals, that are common in nature. Before the awareness of the damage Asbestos can do, is was produced all around the U.S. in supplies for the building of houses common products for the average consumer. Products or building materials containing Asbestos are- insulation, fireproofing, acoustical materials and floor tiles. Research, coming straight from scientists who do studies such as this, say the fibers that are asbestos normally cause problems with breathing and diseases such as cancer. Since these fibers can become particles in the air, they can remain in the for a long time, making being around anything involving Asbestos, dangerous to one's health. Especially if these fibers get trapped in your lungs from inhaling the air that is full of these particles. Asbestos causes diseases such as Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer of or surrounding thin linings around your lungs and organs. The following reasons and causes for pollution of air indoors is why you always be sure of what you bring into your house and out of your house, or anywhere you go that is indoors. Also, to know when your house was built, and if it was built before they stopped the use of Asbestos for building and the insulation.

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