Purpose and Types of Sites


Several sites have been developed by companies and by a group of individuals in order to address specific messages to audience being involved or being targeted. Every content that is written normally has a specific audience it addresses or it is made for general consumption by the audience, who are the general public in this scenario. Therefore, for every site to effectively pass the intended message, there are specific rhetorical characteristics that it must address so that it is in the frontline in trying to come up with the best podium that the audience can be happy of.

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Presentation is all based on the ability to maintain the audience concentration and attention. The main aim of this paper is therefore to analyze the sites and establish their validity by looking into key areas such as the questions that the audience raises based on the delivery of information from the site, purpose of the information being delivered, voice used in the site, tone, structure, origination, language, visual presentation and any other of the elements that effectively contribute to the delivery of the information or content.

The information in this is therefore considered well addressed if the various parts of the presentation fully meet the requirements of the film and the taste of the audience. This conceptual paper therefore analyzes four sites in order to establish their effectiveness in trying to establish the results in terms of content delivery. The sites that are going I am going to talk of includes the media matters for America and the proud democrat which are from the left side of the collection listed and the Accuracy in media and also the American center for law and justice.

The paper keenly looks at how the presenters of the information in these sites followed the rhetoric rules in coming up with the right message that the public could effectively listen to and internalize.

The first site is the media matters for America. For instance, the company uses various rhetoric approache4s in trying to display its intended messages top the general public and the target audience in specific. The rhetoric techniques employed here includes the use of the fact finding techniques and content analysis alongside others. In its content delivery, the company mostly relies on services of journalists and it is mostly known for its constant aggressive criticism against the journalists and the media outlets that serve the company. The media matters for America uses approaches such as the research studies in order to obtain the information that it later files to the audience. Its source of information is however not very questionable. The funding from donations and generally has enough personnel for the tasks. There is a good relationship between the content and the audience as the information is well displayed and also in the timing of the site. Rhetorical skills have been carefully employed even in both cases for the media matters and the proud democrat. In the proud democrat, almost all rhetorical skills are well applied and content delivery is excellent as opposed to some sites that may lack content-audience good link. The proud democrat carefully explores the content and delivers the best to the audience.

The other sites that I have chosen to analyze their rhetoric ability include the Accuracy in media and the American center for law and justice. The company mostly relies on first-hand information sources. The company makes use of contributors who are offered with the chances to make the presentation to the audience. The site offers reliable information and the audience involved has been receiving the right information. The company further uses a voice over, use of blurred images, avoiding use of real names and similarly not giving an age range. Language used in the context is well elaborative and the company also employs the use of visual presentation. Content delivery in this company is therefore excellent. The American center for law and Justice Site employs various rhetorical skills.

The rhetorical analysis of the site reveals that content has been effectively displayed. There are various rhetorical choices that have been employed in order to ensure that the story or the information on the site is elaborative enough. The American citizens who are basically the audience in this site have always had a number of questions that seemingly have gone unanswered. This shows that the rhetoric ability of site is not so much captivating. However, the language used in the site is quite captivating and interesting which makes the leaders have the desire to read even more. There has always been visual presentation that seems interesting to the audience hence keeping them lively and the viewers have an easy time getting the content.


Various sites that are basically owned by various media houses or companies are working around the clock to ensure that their content reaches the audience and on fair grounds.

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