Prostitution and Sexuality

Technology is transforming every sector in the contemporary world. The oldest profession, prostitution, has not been left behind. Studies in the field show that the commercial sex industry is adopting a new model shaped by the internet. In the current world, the street-walkers have shifted their activities to the information highway. According to Crooks and Baur (2013), many commercial sex workers now prefer over the internet transactions where they claim that rates are relatively higher and are safe from assault and arrest compared to the streets. In the new business model of prostitution, there are various ways utilized to get sexual partners over the internet.

One of the methods used to get sexual partners via the internet is websites. Sex workers have set up websites where they can openly advertise their services. Using basic computer skills and a typical web browser, it is possible for every person to find these services with ease. These websites are usually detailed with contact information which can be used to reach the services provider. A website can belong to a single sex worker or contain several who compete for clients visiting the site.

Another method is through social media. People are employing social media to find sexual partners who share their likes. In social media, people are able to see profile details provided by others. This information enables people to determine their perfect match and contact them. With social media, people can also easily form groups or chat rooms where they can privately communicate with each other.

There are also dating websites and mobile applications. Currently, there are several dating sites that enable people to browse through different profile searching for a partner. These are different from commercial sex workers websites in that they are designed to help people meet their life partners rather than to buy sex. Mobile developers have also developed applications that can be used on the same.

There are both pros and cons of using these three methods to find sex partners. One advantage is that the online means increases the capacity to do background checks on a potential partner (Seal et al., 2015). The online methods also ease open communication. Disadvantages include the difficulty to convey right emotions and limited capacity to personally evaluate a potential partner. It is also hard to learn people background online since people may lie in their profiles.

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